Friday, February 26, 2010

and they're the track

The blonde and brunette are headed to the horse races this weekend! 

We both live in Little Rock, Arkansas (yes, home of Bill Clinton and Tobi Fairley) and just a few miles to the west is a great little town, Hot Springs, childhood home of the brunette (uh, and Bill Clinton too) and location of the Oaklawn Jockey Club.  Hot Springs is rich in history (read about it here) and Oaklawn is filled with yummy food, margaritas and the hopes of winning tons of money...not really, it's mainly just a huge social event!  It's not Derby Weekend, so unfortuantely no big hats, but we both have our outfits planned and will post pics next week!

Overall Overhaul

After a crazy long day, I'm sitting on the sofa watching Pretty Woman and I have to say, I have not been a fan of the 80s recurrence in fashion lately.  I know I'm a big nobody, but:

Shoulder pads = not flattering
Harem pants = maybe some supermodels can pull these off...
Cheap plastic neon jewelry = disgusting
Over-the-knee boots = okay so I really like this one :o)

That being said, seeing some 90s influenced trends coming back to the runway this spring has me a little more excited.  Case in point: white tights - I am completely digging these. 

Last week, I sent an email to the Blonde, declaring that overalls are making a comeback and how excited I am about this fact.  Then, we never thought anymore about it until Mrs. Rachel Zoe herself proclaimed it on her Zoe Report today - who knew?! 

There are so many new takes on this old staple - would you try any of these? 

Calvin Klein's classic version...

A dressier silk version by Jean Paul Gaultier or Calvin Klein...

An updated cut by Jean Paul Gaultier...

Shortalls by Cynthia Steffe or leather by Chloe...

A natural color by Altuzarra...

Alexa Chung is sporting them...

As is Rihanna....

I'm sold!  Are you? 

~ the Brunette

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tightey Whities

Colored and patterned tights were all the rage this past fall and now the 2010 fall runways are scattered with white tights.  Personally, I'm a opaque-black-tight-wear-two-pairs-if-you-have-to fan, but this Chanel ad has me considering switching to the light side.

This would be the perfect time of year to try the trend since everyone is growing very tired of their winter ensembles.  The ever so fashion forward Kate Bosworth at a Chanel dinner party last week.
BCBG (top pic) and Milly both showcased white tights in the 2010 fall ready-to-wear runway shows.

(you have to admit the Milly model in the white suit with the patterned white tights looks pretty freakin' cute)

The brunette found and liked this edgy version of the white tight on Etsy.  There are several other patterns here.

The thought of white tights is definitely intriguing and these girls make them look like perfection...
but I'm still not convinced...what do you think?
the blonde

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

a stripe with a twist turquoise

A bold black and white stripe paired with this vibrant color equals sweet success.

If you are too scared to really commit to turquoise (i.e. wall color) then use it as an accent.

A more sophisticated version...

It also works outside...

and can make a pretty awesome outfit:)
The blonde's version of black and white stripes with turquoise...

and the brunette's version of black and white stripes with turquoise!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

red isn't over

Using the color red as an accent in fashion and in the home is nothing new, but the impact never gets old.

The touches of red give this room a fun connectivity.

A simple bouquet of red gladiolus and the red seat cushions give this room dimension and attitude. Nicole's scarf does the same for her outfit.

Lauren Conrad's red lips make this look to me!

I mean, come on, even shoe god Chriatian Louboutin understands that a little red goes a long way!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Hurray for Monday!

Hello Monday!!

While I'm not quite looking forward to starting over with the work week, after spending a stormy Sunday piled up in bed and then doing housecleaning all day – I’m so excited to start the week out with promises of sunshine (and a bit warmer weather)!!

While it’s not quite warm enough yet for cold wine on hot patios – it is perfect weather to sit outside with a nice little fire and maybe a light sweater!  Come on 5:00!!

Oh yeah - I could SO go for a Monday evening Scrabble game!

~ the Brunette

Friday, February 19, 2010

she wears it well

I have no idea what she's wearing or where in the world she's going, but I bet she will have a good time when she gets there!  I love it!  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend no matter where you're going or what you're wearing.
~ the blonde

This outfit is so incredibly impractical - a swimsuit?? with a fur coat and knee high boots and socks - but she rocks it and looks amazing - note to self: confidence is the best worn accessory. (and it doesn't hurt to have a supermodel's face & body) ;o) Have a great weekend!!

~ the brunette

{image from Michael Kors 2010 fall ready-to-wear collection via}

carrie is back!

Carrie Bradshaw started many trends during the Sex and The City years. She had women pinning oversized flowers anywhere and everywhere. She made Manolo Blahnik and Christian Louboutin house hold names. She single-handedly brought back "ghetto gold" jewelry (her words, not mine). Carrie can create fashion crazes and with the second movie quickly approaching I can't help but wonder what new fashion goodies await us all. I have watched the trailer for this movie more times than I care to admit, but what I will admit is that I think Carrie rocks this turban and pink one shoulder dress! Could Carrie Bradshaw turn the turban into sidewalk style????

She wouldn't be the first to try. In the fall of 2007, every look that went down the Prada runway was accented with a turban.
Their ad campaign also featured the unusual headpiece.More recently, Kate Moss donned a turban (apparently with Marc's approval) on the red carpet at the 2009 Met Gala in May.

The beautiful Milla Jovovich looks stunning in her cute polka dot suit with emerald turban during a recent photo shoot.

If you're brave enough BCBG has one for $38 in their new spring line.

If you aren't 100% behind this look then the turban knot headband still gives a similar but more toned down vibe. Rachel and Kim are doing it...will you try?

So what do you think? Can Carrie can make the turban chic? Will you wear? I will at least try one on and yes, I hope it looks awesome and I too can be as cool as Carrie:)
the blonde

Thursday, February 18, 2010

{things we love thursday}: quotable art prints

the Blonde loves

the Brunette loves

we BOTH love

available here...
The bottom line is a little difficult to read - it says "the cheap stuff also suffices in a pinch" -
haha so TRUE!!!

which you can pick up here - also available in London or Paris!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

wordless wednesday: pink & gold

I know this post is suppose to be wordless, but I can't help myself...isn't this image stunning...I love it and it inspired the entire post. Enjoy...the blonde

{images from Pink Lemonade, unknown, Wedding Things, Absolutely Beautiful Things}