Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cloudy with a Burst of Sun

I have been a big fan of the yellow and gray combo for a long time.  The blonde has a bathroom in her house with cool gray tile wainscoting and I have been begging her to paint the the top half of the wall white and do a buttery yellow shower curtain.  For months, I have sent pictures to try to persuade her, but she still needs more prodding - can you be convinced?

I love how they throw in the black and white graphic pillows and zebra rug. To me, adding the black takes this to a whole new dimension. The bright yellow lamps on the dark black sidetables with black framed mirrors - perfection.

This room is mostly light gray (safe) and they've added the yellow with just a couple pillows.  I love the graphic texture they add with the wallpaper and the stripes.

Can you spot it in this room?  VERY subtle - the yellow is only in the recesses (and the lights) and the gray is only in the pillows - again, they've added a nice black/white graphic print.  This is for those who just want a neutral space or that are not too sure but maybe want to give it a try.

This room is a little more daring with a yellow wall, but it's such a light, creamy color that it still reads as a neutral.

For those who are a little more bold - why not paint the wall a bolder yellow?  The gray is brought in with the pillows and it's a very cool color - almost blue.  Maybe it is blue now that I'm looking....ehh, who cares.

This couple went all out with the colors in their bedroom.

Love love love love love love love this bright yellow barn door!!!

This room is yellow paired with warm gray. 

This Park Avenue apartment is stunning to me - it reminds me of the first bedroom picture - gray, bold yellow, and a graphic black and white to take it up a notch.  BAM!

Target has some great comforters right now w/ these colors:

And West Elm carries this Andalusia Rug that would be perfect for getting this color scheme started! 
Love this rug!!

Hope you're having a sunny day!

~ the Brunette

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Naturally Wild

I am in the process of decorating my living room, and I'm loving the look of layered rugs, in particular a natural grass rug with a zebra skin.  Here's a little inspiration...

Isn't this beautiful? 
I know, I know...the metallic garden stool is awesome! 
(post on garden stools coming soon) 

I love this room...all the layers of color over the neutral palette...yum!

I also really love this room too - that funky green sofa with all the fun pillows, those windows and the metal and glass top tables!  I'm wanting metal framed coffee tables and I would prefer two!

The same thing in a more modern environment.

It works in the bedroom too.

Natural fiber rugs are fairly inexpensive and easy to find.  My space is very large and rugs are very pricey so  I thought this would be a great option.  I'm thinking about this jute one from Ballard.  I adore the fringe and a 9x12 is only $399 - it's extremely hard to find a 9x12 for that price!

Pure Style Home (a super fabulous decor blog) has a great post on how to select natural fiber rugs.  She discusses all the pros and cons of sisal, jute, seagrass, etc.  This was very helpful when I was trying to decide!  Click here to read!

 Next, is trying to find the zebra print.  I've heard ebay is the best bet here...I'll let you know when I really start looking.

~the blonde

Monday, March 29, 2010

Random Girls!

The blonde and brunette were joined by two other blondes for a wonderful girls' weekend! 
There was a little gambling (we went to the horse races), way too much talking and dancing until the early morning!  It was a wonderful trip and a fabulous time with great friends!

While we are on the topic of four friends...

The countdown and press tour is on! 

LOVE SJP's yellow!

Here's a cute video of the lovely ladies discussing SATC2 during ShoWest.
(I would upload the video to the blog if I knew how...if anyone does know please leave a comment explaining:))

Here's a better look at her precious Marchesa dress from the interview! 
If this doesn't get you excited then I don't know what will?!?

Since this post is already a little random - b/c the blonde and brunette were too busy having fun this weekend to work on a post for today;) - here's another lady who's been killing it on the red carpet during her recent press tour...Jennifer Aniston!

Finally, the lady wears color and looks phenomonal...her arm candy doesn't hurt the pic either! 
Seriously, aren't they an amzaing looking couple!

A better shot of the dress...and it's a picture without GB in it to distract you:)

Hope everyone has a great week!

Friday, March 26, 2010

"Excessorize" for Spring: Part Deux

Here it is girls (and maybe guys??) - we promised 20 spring must-haves and here is the second helping!

11. Cage Shoe
The cage shoe comes in all different varieties.  The brunette would choose this one below in cognac for a great, versatile spring color:

I also wouldn't mind this shoe in black or beige (or both)  :o)
(all shoes above by Steve Madden)

12. Oversized Clutch
Isn't everyone thrilled to have an evening bag that will hold all your junk?!?

These clutches are everywhere and at every price point.  The blonde thinks this one might be necessary for our upcoming girls' weekend!

13. Short, Painted Nails
Typically, there is a "must have" nail color of each season, but this spring your options are endless.  Everyone always loves to wear their fun corals and pinks.  Black is also here to stay, but it seems taupes/grays with  purple are the "most current" colors for the season.   

Chanel's Particuliere nail color
OPI offers these wonderful shades...

Left to Right
You Don't Know Jacques, Over The Taupe, Fiji Wiji Fawn, Parlez-vous OPI

14. Peep Toe Booties
The blonde loves the peep toe bootie; the brunette does not.  But the brunette's Easter dress needs this shoe so she's willing to make an exception:
And she wouldn't object to this one either:)  The blonde loves this shoe and thinks peep toe bootie are the perfect transition they are cute and current!
(both by Steve Madden)

15. Statement necklaces are still here!
And this spring they are even bigger!

Necklaces from Express and Banana Republic.  The necklace in the center pic is amazing in a very boho-Cali here to see a better pic - love it!

16. Nude Patent Shoes
The blonde will testify that these are the most versatile shoes ever.  A nude patent shoe will always be the answer to "what kind of shoes would I wear with this" - the blonde swears by her peep toes, but the pump is classic too.

I'll just take these by Guiseppe Zanotti - k, thanks!
In my dreams - but I would settle for these by Guess...

17. Bracelets, Bracelets, Bracelets
The blonde is the bracelet girl - always tons of bangles mixed with bracelets!  This look is so easy to wear...Forever 21 has great pieces that work well mixed with others so just keep piling them on!
The brunette always gets bangles stuck on her hands and they drive her crazy so cuffs or a bracelet with a clasp is her go-to.  This one from Free People is on her spring wish list.  Like majorly. 

18. Studded or fringed bags

The brunette recently purchased this one from the Buckle and is excited to try it out this weekend at the races!  I think it will be the perfect size to hold my stuff - but I can just let it hang and not worry about it!  P.S. It looks way cuter un-cinched.  Comes in black too!!

This is my first time w/ a cross-body bag - we'll see how it goes!

19. Art Deco
Lovin' all the art deco jewelry that you can spot everywhere...
From Banana Republic, Forever 21 and Forever 21

20.  And this is the essential of all essentials...

(image via knightcat)

Wear what makes you happy!!!

Have a great weekend - see you back Monday!!

~ the Blonde & the Brunette

helloooooo friday

We've made it through another week - can't wait for this weekend!!

Great news - the weather held off for the Blonde's party and it was a lot of fun if I do say so myself!  I was running a fever but ended up staying for not one but two 'smores and had a great time!

We're headed to the track again this weekend for our annual Girls' Race Day - super excited!  Come see us later this afternoon for Part 2 (11-20) Essential Spring Accessories!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

please don't take our sunshine away

Other than some freak snow in Arkansas last Sunday, we've had beautiful spring weather - perfect for sipping on a patio and catching a little sun on the skin...


The blonde is throwing an outdoor wedding shower tonight and really needs cooperative weather!  The radar of Arkansas right now: 

Not looking too good.  But despite all this green and occasional thunder - I swear I see a little sun poking through the clouds!  We're so hopeful this will hold off!  If not, we could always hang these...

Meanwhile, the brunette is sick, and planning to pop over to the party, help with some preparations,
maybe snag a 'smore or two and head back to bed!

Between sickness and party scrambling this is all we have to offer today:)
much love,
the blonde and the brunette

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

your inner animal

I'm a girl with a weakness for animal prints.  You have to be careful when wearing or decorating with these prints because they can quickly turn from chic to tacky, but when used properly, I just love them!  Okay, so today is all about the leopard print...zebra prints is an entire different post:)  I think everyone knows that when it comes to leopard prints a little goes a long way.

I love everything about this room, and I think that one little leopard pillow really works!

Another perfect fit...a touch of the unexpected!

 I've been noticing a lot of leopard with white lately.  I like this because it's not as in your face as leopard paired with black. 
I seriously love these white chairs with leopard seats! I really want to do this somewhere in my house.

Wearing leopard prints can be just as awesome as these chairs.  I wore the oh-so-popular leopard faux fur coat this winter, but now that it's spring I'm wanting to accent with shoes!  Leopard shoes are everywhere and in every style.

I'm madly in love with these...I think they are delicious, but they are also completely out of my reach. 
Just thought I'd give you something to drool over.
These on the other hand are a little more suitable for my budget!

This is exactly how I would wear it!
~the blonde