Thursday, September 30, 2010

{Overly Obsessed}: Otomi

Somehow I've let 3 weeks slip by without mentioning (once again) how much I love animals!!

Several months ago, I spotted a beautiful embroidered cloth on Man Shops Globe while Anthropologie's master-shopper  Keith Johnson (he would probably be offended by that title but I don't know what his title is) was visiting Mexico. 

This vivid textile is hand-embroidered by the Otomi tribe in the state of Hidalgo, Mexico.  Each piece can take months to complete.

The embroidery comes in so many vivid colors!

This textile can be used as a tablecloth...

To cover outdoor seating...

Or indoor seating...

For just a small splash of color, a pillow is really beautiful as well...

But I'm definitely not shy when it comes to color so I adore the upholstered red headboard...

A throw across the foot of the bed is classic and a little less of a "commitment"...

The print also comes in a multi-color which is super cute in a kid's bedroom...

The embroidery is so beautiful, it even looks great framed!

But with this fabric, I say go big or go home! 

What do you think?
Favorite color?

I normally don't go for pink but I adore the hot pink!

~ the brunette

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

fired up for fall

Fall has arrived in Arkansas and it's fabulous!  The days are still a little warm, but there is a definite chill in the early mornings and evenings.  I know it's a tad early but I just can't quit dreaming of starting the first fire of the season...

Is there anything better than cuddling up by fire during cold nights?

And you can't forget the lovely glow that comes from a nice fire...

Fires are so cozy and create such a warm atmosphere.
( pun intended)

This burning fire completely makes this formal room feel more inviting and intimate. 

I want to be here...candles, magazines, a gallery wall and that precious velvet chair...yes, please!

How yummy is this...a fireplace in the dining room!

So for those of you who don't want to fill your fireplace with an actual fire...
You can always get a similar feel with candles...

or try flowers...

or even books...

But I'm sticking with the real deal this fall...

Stay cozy!
~the blonde

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

vested interest

A few months ago I kept seeing really cute denim vests, but it was 100+ degrees and thoughts of layering did not exist:)  I fell in love with this True Religion one until I realizes it was $ cute in person, but a little too pricey for me! 

Then, I started noticing all these great pics of layered denim looks and realized how perfect a denim vest would be for the fall! 

There's no way you can wear a denim jacket under another fitted jacket without being miserable so here's the perfect solution!  Seriously, how cute...we love layers!

Okay, so here's an exception to the rule...
I know this really picture doesn't fit with the whole vest post, but I still wanted to show how cute she looks even though it's obviously a jacket...

I think the vest is such a perfect way to add a little dimension to your outfit!

I really didn't want to publish this post until I could offer you all a few great denim vest options, and unfortunately, I can't:( 

I just haven't seen any cute options lately.
Have any of you seen a cute denim vest or have any suggestions on where to look?!?  Let me know if you find one for a great price:)
~the blonde

Monday, September 27, 2010

Hog Wild Weekend

Oh we went into this weekend with such high hopes!

Arkansas (ranked #10) played Alabama (ranked #1) and we were hoping for a Cinderella Story!

We came so close!

Although it didn't happen the way we hoped, I think everyone had a pretty good time - at least leading up to the game!

For starters, the drive up (early Saturday morning) was beauuuuutiful!  I wish I had pictures of the gorgeous mountains I drove through on the way up but that would be really dangerous and I didn't have time to stop!

I always tailgate with my best friend since baby-dom - Emily, and her husband John.  Her family had made the trip up as well!  This is me with Emily (left) and her sister Sarah (right). 
:o)  Cheese!  :o)

After hanging around the tailgate and snacking a little bit, we wandered around - this was my favorite tailgate by far!!

This old school bus had been converted into a party bus, with a full kitchen on the back!

And it comes complete with a band!  They were pretty good too!

There's no way to really capture what tailgating in Arkansas is like, but basically there are tents as far as you can see in every direction...

And no party is complete without the Goodyear blimp!!
All day we made up stories about what could be going on inside the blimp - this guy literally circled all day long.  How fun would it be to tailgate in the blimp??

This sight is not too uncommon at a tailgate either...

teehee!  :o)

I didn't get any pictures inside the stadium because this is how I roll...

I am not a football fan, but I love the atmosphere so I'm so happy to hang out at the tailgate and watch it on tv, hear the sounds from the stadium, relax in my chair, snack a little was a great day!!

I had a blast this weekend - thank you John and Emily for letting me stay with you!

And to top the weekend off -

Little Rock's Anthropologie store unveiled their exterior this weekend!!
Our store is so close!  All it needs is CLOTHES!  Can't wait!!

I hope everyone had a FANtastic weekend too!

~ the brunette

Friday, September 24, 2010

a converse conversation

The brunette and I are both headed to another Razorback football game this weekend in Fayetteville which mean tons of walking.  For a few months (years) I've been considering purchasing a pair of Converse tennis shoes, but I always feel like I could not pull this look off - isn't that odd?!? 

I seriously never say "love that, but I could never wear it" or "it's really cute, but I couldn't pull it off."  Seriously, never - except in this case?!?

I know it's silly but I'm not a flat shoe person.  I only wear tennis shoes to work out so I just can't imagine walking around in these?!?

I would definitely opt for black.
Love how this outfit is styled...

Most people (ahem, celebs and models) wear them with skinny jeans, but it seems like it would make your feet look huge!

I'm just not sure...I think I might go try on a pair tonight?!? 
They really would be nice for the weekend.

If you are struggling with the same dilemma and need a little inspiration then visit this site...yes, there's actually a blog devoted to celebs wearing Converses.


And for a little real life inspiration...
This is Amber from Amber's Notebook.  I recently discovered her blog and it's a great read!

I hope everyone has a great weekend in whatever shoes you wear:)
~the blonde

Thursday, September 23, 2010

gaga for juju

Several years ago, I first laid eyes on a Cameroonian Juju Hat in the pages of Domino.
According to - Juju hats are worn by chiefs, dignitaries, and important dancers during celebrations.  The feathers are utilized as rare objects of beauty and symbolize prosperity.

(image: elementsofstyleblog)

I promptly tore the page out and resolved to find one!

5-ish years later - still no hat!  :o(
(they're not hard to find - just incredibly expensive in the U.S.)

(image: apartment 412)

The hats I've seen are almost always red...

(image: elementsofstyleblog - i think)

which is just fine with me...

(image: apartment 412)

because I love the bold pop of color!

(image: apartment 412)

(image: the city sage)

(image: morewaystowastetime)

But I've also seen "versions" in brown...

(image: desire to inspire)


(image: thisisglamorous)

(image: moodboard)

Pink...(there is also a really pretty lavender color)...

(image: living etc.)

and (my very favorite) - YELLOW!!

(image: decorista)

Of course I'm a fan of "hats on the wall" - regardless of color!!

If anyone ever goes to Africa - please, oh please bring one back for me!!

~ the brunette