Friday, October 29, 2010

freaky friday: halloween is here!!

Well, it's our laaast Freaky Friday and if you haven't decorated for Halloween this year, you've just about missed out, but I came across a slideshow on casasugar the other day and had to share their frightfully fantastic mantles!

I adore this monochromatic look!  I am determined to own a belljar by this time next year because I have seen way too many great ideas to pass up - love this creepy crawly spider!  Gauze and fake chains really add to this look!!!

Tree twigs go a long way in Halloween decor - we've seen this idea over and over.  What
I love about this living room is the white sheets over the furniture!!

You can never have enough pumpkins - I don't know if that tree picture is there all the time or part of the decor but I love it!
 I bought some tombstones like these at the dollar store - I love them all lined up on the mantle with the pumpkin ??snowmen?? in front...
 Old portraits are always great for Halloween - I love the whimsical look of putting a "hat" on the portrait - it almost makes it look "alive"  :o)

Antlers are also a little creepy...I know we have plenty of these laying around our house!

Pairing antique books with old portraits - you can't go wrong!
And of course candles are a must!!
These plain white candles wrapped in scrapbook paper look so cute! 
All of this is too cute for words and would be so easy to put together!

If Halloween decorating is not for you, do you dress up??

I dress up every year and can't wait to share what I was this year and all the great costumes from our annual party!  Here are a couple pics from previous years...

4 years ago: a golddigger

3 years ago: a peacock - terrible picture!!

2 years ago: a loofah

last year: a beehive

(I think) I'm improving over time - maybe??  I can't wait to share the pic from this year!  I'm actually going to two parties and have two different costumes - yay!!!

Hope everyone has the Happiest Halloween weekend!

~ the brunette             

Thursday, October 28, 2010

the sweeter the honey...

We all love a statement mirror and I think this honeycomb stunner makes one heck of a positive statement!

I love how it works with any style.

Seriously, this mirror makes this room...well, and the those adorable pillows:) 

I love that it can stand front and center in any room. 

Isn't this silver one beautiful!  I really wish I was having brunch right there at that adorable table:)

Wisteria has this beauty for a mere $2,399...yikes! 
(They call it a peacock mirror, but everywhere else refers to this style as a honeycomb mirror?!?)

But {drum roll} Pier 1 offers a great option too for $249! You know Pier 1 is always having wall decor sales or storewide events, so I bet if you really want one then you score it for a great deal...that's my plan!  Doesn't it look good?!  I kind of like this darker color too.

Are you all sold too?  I started out just thinking they were okay until I realized how much they can add to a space.  It's on my Christmas list:)
~the blonde

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Humpday Humor

I love Ellen DeGeneres.
Even more, I love David Beckham.

mad for plaid

Nothing screams "Fall" to me more than plaid.

As I've been preparing my Christmas list, I keep noticing that I am continually drawn to plaid pieces this year...

Have a seat and take a look!

This jacket is a must-have.  I've tried it on and I'm in love with it!  This would look great with dark skinny jeans and riding boots or over black or gray pants for work! 

Being tall, I always look better in longer coats and I love this one for colder days...

Shearling is all the rage this year, but this collar is detachable if you want to go without it...

I love this short red and black one with the oversized collar too...

It's not just plaid jackets that I love for fall though - I love this skirt with the gathering on one side...

This is not my style at all, but I kept going to this skirt in the store - like, 3 times I walked up to this skirt and felt of it.  And I love how it's styled in the catalog.

We are both crazy for this skirt....
(all images except the first one, which is from sfgirlbybay, via: Anthropologie)

There are some great looking scarves on the shelves too!

LOFT has a cute, colorful oversized print plaid...

Banana Republic has my faaaavorite prints - these are so amazing.  And so is the price to go with them.  :o(  Maybe they'll go on sale...

Gap has some fun colors too!

Two or three years ago I wouldn't go anywhere near plaid but for some reason it's all I can think of this fall and I love it all!!
Are you mad for plaid too or is it just me??
~ the brunette

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

doing the unexpected

I think most people that read blogs are looking for a little inspiration...trying to find new ideas to incorporate into their personal style.  It's always fun to see something unexpected and then translate that idea into your own home or outfit!

At the moment, I'm loving the idea of hanging art on shelves....completely unexpected!

Same idea but on a smaller scale...

I love these black shelves!  Isn't this a clever way to turn an awkward closet into something amazing...again, it's  unexpected!

In a room with limited wall space then this idea is perfect!

This is one of my favorites!  I love the colors and the unexpected furniture placement...most people would have opted to place their sofa on the blank wall not in front of the bookcases. 
Plus, the fabulous mirror hanging on the shelves to anchor it! 

If you don't have built in bookcases then try this!  I love this idea...completely unexpected:)
I have a set of double windows in my dining room and I would love to try this!

~the blonde

Monday, October 25, 2010

the long and short of it...

For the past few years, long hair has been dangling down the backs of fashionistas and celebs, but recently, these ladies have started chopping of their long locks!

 Olivia Palermo, one of the blonde and brunette's faves, took a few inches off her infamous mane.  This cut is definitely not that drastic, but it still created quite the buzz among fashion bloggers:)

I love her hair, but I really love those Dior sunglasses! 
I had to include this full body shot so you all could see her super cute outfit!

Keira Knightly surprised everyone when she popped up on the red carpet with a new little angled bob!

Of course, Nicole Richie is always on trend and took the sciccors out a few weeks ago too.  Now this is perfection...I'm seriously in love this messy bob!

Here's another shot of the same cut but styled straight. Isn't this precious? 
I loved her long waves and now I'm loving this too!

Scarlett Johansson came out last week with a similiar cut...

 but hers is way shorter in the back!  Again, I think the shorter cut looks great on her!

A very similar cut on some uber chic Parisian!

And now for the most drastic...Ms. Ashlee Simpson-Wentz.  I know that lots of people think it's awful, but I like it...I really like it!

I will agree that the color is a little off, but I think she pulls this pixie cut off with perfection!

Here's a few other blonde, pixie bombshells if you still need a little inspiration...

I'm in love with this photoshoot...and her hair!

Hope everyone has a great Monday!
~ the "I still have long hair" blonde