Monday, May 31, 2010

"Happy" Memorial Day

It's a bit of an oxymoron I think to say "Happy Memorial Day" but I don't know any other way to say it?!

But we are both "happy" to be back home after a great weekend of travel, SATC2 and catching up with dear friends we don't see NEARLY often enough!

Somehow this holiday has become synonymous with lakes,


beaches (if you're lucky to live near one),





pools opening,

and all things we're headed out to catch a few sun rays too!

Hope everyone enjoys their holiday!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

SATC2 - Make the Clothes Your Own

Okay I know we've been Sex and the City 2 crazed - maybe it will subside slightly after the movie release - no guarantees!  ;o) 

After reading last week that Carrie has 42 outfit changes in the movie, we promptly counted how many we've seen in the trailers and how many we can still expect to see!  (roughly 12 & 30 respectively) 

So I can't tell you how excited we were about the release of the SATC book on May 18th!!  While at first tempted to pre-order on Amazon and pay expedited shipping - I later thought - "Do I really want to see all the clothes BEFORE the movie?  Wouldn't it be better to WAIT one more week until the movie?" 

The answer - the Blonde is waiting, the Brunette couldn't help herself! 

We'll spare you if you have decided to wait - but we've seen a lot of great fashion from the trailers alone.  Using the screenshots, we've come up with some ideas to mimic some of the looks - without breaking the bank.

Since I didn't look at the book and there aren't any full outfit shots online, I had to trust the brunette to describe to me what the shoes and accessories looked like:)  This version is a little more boho than Carrie's, but I seriously think it would look precious!

Dress from Edressme for $155, click's a VERY good knockoff!
The adorable head scarf is from Free People for $54, click here.  How you choose to wear/tie the scarf depends on your own level of bravery:)
Charm necklace from F21 for $8.80, click here.  Obviously, any little charm will work!
Sunglasses also from F21 for $5.80, click here
Shoe from Dillards for $89.99, click here.

Dress by Blaque Label for $68
T-Strap Pumps from Modcloth for $62
Bag by Ecko (currently on sale for $29.99)
Shades by Urban Outfitters for $10
Necklace - Who would do a better knock-off than Patricia Fields herself?  for $56
(sorry ladies, this item is out of stock - gee, wonder why?  maybe in a few weeks...)
Bracelet by Aqua for $30
You can get a floppy black hat anywhere...

Speaking of wanting to make clothes your own, have you seen how amazing the girls looked rockin' the red carpet at NYC and London premieres?!  Yowza!!

Love the neon colors on SJP (how did she get the dress to do that?!) and Kristen Davis.  Cyntha Nixon and Kim Cattrall look sexy also!

A couple of the girls at the after-party in NYC!

And the girls looked just as amazing at the London premiere!  Love SJP's black Alexander McQueen Dress and Kristen looks amazing in gold!

And yes, there was a HAT...

So excited to see the movie! 

The brunette is going tonight in Fayetteville and the blonde is going tomorrow night in Dallas!

Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend!

~ the Blonde & the Brunette

Thursday, May 27, 2010

{SATC}: Flashback Faves

In anticipation of the movie, we've been re-watching the seasons (as I'm sure most fans have been) and here are a few of our favorite moments and quotes from each season!  Click the photos to enlarge!

Ahh.... memories!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I've Got Mail!

Earlier this week, I had the absolute!! 

Monday afternoon, I underwent a very painful dental procedure.  Okay, it was laser teeth whitening - but you don't understand how sensitive my teeth are!  I got home at 5:00 and my mouth was in so much pain I couldn't speak, couldn't eat, couldn't BREATHE through my mouth. 

Due to the mouth breathing inability and my constant slapping my hand over my mouth and groaning in pain every few seconds, I knew I would not make it to my Monday night kickboxing class, and had resigned myself to the task of re-watching Season 6 of SATC (I've been re-watching all seasons the past few weeks). 

As I pulled up to the mailbox - yes, I'm one of THOSE people who pulls up to the mailbox in her car on the WRONG side of the road instead of walking - I pulled out the most incredible mail delivery ever.

The loot:
1. Elle Decor Magazine
2. At Home in Arkansas Magazine
3. Toast High Summer Catalog
4. Toast House and Home Catalog
5. Restoration Hardware Outdoor Catalog
6. Rachel Roy delivery - dress!!
7. a couple credit card solicitations I could've done without

I mean, for an evening stuck at home, unable to open your mouth - what could be better?!

I didn't completely abandon the SATC Season 6 quest, which is why I only made it to the Toast Catalogs, but if you're unfamiliar with the company, let me introduce you. 

Toast is a company in the UK, similar to Anthropologie, and their catalogs have beautiful images.  Here are a few of my favorite pages!:

I love this dress - it's tied at the neck with some sort of disc-shaped shells or something?  Very unique...

This necklace is so cool to me - reminds me of Rachel Zoe

I don't usually like the harem pants, but I love, love, love these!  By the way, I cheated and bought the SATC2 book with all the "looks" and the girls are wearing harem pants the majority of the time in the movie. 

My only fear - these are washed silk and not too sure about silk pants - I've done it once before and you definitely don't want to sweat - that's all I'm sayin'  ;o)

I'm not dying for this dress but love the light in the picture!

This top is my favorite item in the entire catalog.

You can see how it drapes in the close-up.  Sooooo pretty!!

This outfit makes me want to flashback to the 90s and tie a sash around my waist!

Again - another pair of harem pants - and again - I love them!

This dress is "hand tie-died" with a paintbrush.  Seriously.  I would love to see it in person because I have a feeling the picture doesn't do it justice!

The "House/Home" catalog is just as interesting:

I really like this cowbell for some reason...

Have you ever seen wooden spoons displayed so alluringly?

These little metal trash cans are so stinking (pun intended) cute to me! 
They would be the perfect size to add a spigot at the bottom and use for a compost bin!

Luuuuuurve these glasses!

These rugs are so vibrant and I think one would be purrfect in my guest bathroom!  Perhaps orange - but they would be really cool layered too.

Great floppy hat!

I have no idea what the merchandise is in this photo but it's so cute!

Sometimes I don't like when catalogs are too "artistic" with the photos because I have no idea what is for sale in the picture, but they solve the problem with a page at the end of each section displaying the goods and the price.

Check out the website here to shop, order a free catalog or download a pdf version!!

Happy Shopping!

~ the Brunette