Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Is Union Jack Back??

"Union Jack" (the name for the British flag), has had a presence in both British and American interiors for quite some time.

This apartment is the first I remember noticing the flag and thinking - that's kind of cool looking!
Of course what I really love about this room is the spin art and sooooo wish my sister still had her spin art toy!!

I can't help but wonder...
with the world watching and anticipated the upcoming Royal wedding,
...will Union Jack make a comeback??

Whether subtle and small...
(image via: arianna belle)

or the focal point of the room...

(image via: pinterest - blondeandbrunette blog)

or even a little change in colors...

(image via: pinterest - blondeandbrunette blog)

I'm definitely a fan!!

(image via: pinterest - blondeandbrunette blog)
(image via: little blue deer)

This room doesn't stop at Union Jack- they give a nod to Queen Elizabeth with a pillow of her own!

(image via: little blue deer)

I like the Union Jack flags in the more modern sense, but the look can go country casual too!
Sweet baby - what a comfy napping spot!  :o)

(image via: pink lemonade)

The flag gives a "preppy" look to a little boys room.

(image via: pink lemonade)

Superimposed on the American flag - not sure my thoughts on this one.

Some of my favorite "Union Jack" accessories - this Jonathan Adler pillow:

And literally my favorite furniture designer Jimmie Martin does some cool Union Jack pieces!

What do you think - like the look or feel it's a little traitorous?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

a little nook(ie)

I know Christmas is over, but does anyone remember the original Santa Claus movie?

This one...

Now for a little more of a stretch...
Does anyone remember that Santa and Mrs. Claus slept in a cupboard in the wall?

I have always been captivated by how cozy that would be to sleep in a big cupboard!

Probably a little more practical than a huge cupboard is a nook...

I've never thought I would want a nook to sleep in full time - but I would love a little space like this for reading and napping!  I could spend lazy weekends on one of these easily!!

This looks slightly uncomfortable but oh my goodness how beautiful!!

Probably the most practical is a deeper windowseat that looks like a daybed.

Who says you need a headboard??

(image via: blondeandbrunette blog pinterest)

Completely love this one...
(unless you need to get up in the middle of the night - yikes)

(image via: dwell)

I am aware this is a little bit of a childish infatuation, but I completely love little nooks!!

~ the brunette

Monday, January 17, 2011

{red carpet review}: the golden globes

Shockingly, we both completely agreed on best dressed of the night...Olivia Wilde in Marchesa!  I know it's a lot of dress for the Golden Globes, but still you cannot deny the perfection of her look!

She also had a little fun with her shoes.  

Everyone is talking about the all the emerald green that walked the red carpet last night, and I have to say that I agree...these ladies stole the show!

The blonde's fave green look, and also a close tie to her overall pick of the night, is Catherine Zeta Jones...I mean, come on, she looks stunning!  The brunette also loves CZJ, but choose Angie as her green goodess.  

Pink was another major color of the night.  Lea Michelle completely wins this category...how cute is she?!?

And we can't discuss pink without commenting on Natalie Portman.  I love Natalie, but she just completely missed the mark.  The dress itself is pretty, and I love the way it fits her little baby bump, but that red glittery flower...yikes...and then the matchy-matchy accessories...it's just bad!

There was really was so much pink on the red carpet.  I loved Sandra Bullock's dress but thought the looks was completely ruined with that hair...

The bombshell in pink award definitely goes to Megan Fox.  Normally, not a huge fan of hers, but I think she looks pretty phenomenal here...

Another pink dress deserves a mention is Claire Daines...always a sucker for a little minimalism!

And another leading lady that succeeded in a minimalist look is Emma Stone!  The blonde loved this simple look!

We must give props to the stunning January Jones in Versace...wowza!  It's a little too much skin but if you got, flaunt it and January loves to take a fashion risk!

Now, moving on to the many shades of nude dresses.  Seriously, so many people went with a neutral that I can't even keep up, but the brunette placed Diane Argon on the top of her best dressed of the night list.

The blonde's favorite neutral is Leighton Meester.  I'm not sure why, but I just loved her look!

Another great neutral...Julie Bowen

We can't forget Anne...wowza!  She always owns every red carpet she walks!  I can't wait to see her many dresses the night she hosts the Oscars:)

Piper Perabo wins the "black dress and red lip" award!  The blonde placed Piper high on the best dressed of night list.  She looked stunning walking that carpet.

I promise we are almost finished, but I can't sign off without giving a little props to two more ladies.  I'm not sure if they were really dressed for the occasion, but regardless, their dresses were gorgeous!

Heidi Klum in Marc Jacobs (one of the blonde's fave looks from his most recent show).

And Kyra Sedgewick in this lovely orange dress that she accessorized to perfection!  I'm a sucker for a little turquoise and a stack of bangles:)

Well, that's our list of favorites!  Olivia Wilde takes the cake followed by our own picks for ladies in green!  What are your thoughts...agree, disagree?!?

~the blonde and the brunette

Friday, January 14, 2011

I'm So PINterested!!

I have a confession.
I have been cheating on Blogger with Pinterest.

Does anyone else pin?
I'm so addicted!!!

One website should not have so much random beauty.
So I thought I would share snippets of a couple of my pinboards since I've been neglecting blogger!!

I love this casual look.  It is perfection.
All my favorite things - jeans, scarf, jacket, heels (I would love it w/ boots too)...

This slouchy look is so versatile to me. 
I would pull that sweater up on my shoulder for a comfortable work look, but I love how it's casual too - I would wear this out after work!

This sweaterdress and boots looks so warm and cozy!!

This is literally the most amazing coat I've seen in my life. 

For some reason I really like the skull trend - but in a subtle way...

How sexy is just a hint of red??
This look has inspired a future blog post for me!

From the "Recipes" pinboard...

I just bought a George Foreman Panini Press, so I can't wait to make these Pear, Brie, Carmelized Walnut & Arugula Paninis!

Broccoli Cheddar and Ale Soup - perfect weather for this!!

Halfway to Heaven Peanut Butter Cookies
a PB lover's dream
a dieter's nightmare!!

(this is just my cuteness fix...)

A monkey picking up snowballs.
Can you get cuter than that??

This must be a momma husky thing.  My husky does this too...

wanna see??

My Gracie: (and Brooks)
Don't worry - they're both still alive.  :o)

This baby kills me.  Cutest thing ever.

I know this post is RANDOM, but so is Pinterest - I have so much fun looking at all the pictures and making my own boards that bring a little organization and personalization to the randomness!!

If you want to follow our Pinboards, look for BlondeandBrunette blog.
If you Pin - tell me your name in comments!!

Happy Weekend (and Happy Pinning!)

~ the brunette