Friday, April 30, 2010

I.C.E. Outfit

Does anyone remember a couple years ago when everyone said to put your "In Case of Emergency" contact in your phone under "ICE"? 
I actually did that, and then got annoyed that if I wanted to call my mom, she wasn't listed as "Mom" but as "ICE".  So I cancelled that idea and just decided if the paramedic was too dumb to look up "Mom" or "Dad" I was probably a lost cause anyway. 

Tonight we're having major storms in Arkansas.  MAJOR.  I went to dinner with some friends and tornado sirens went off the entire time. 

I've made it home safely, but as I got inside my house, had the thought "Should I put on my best outfit?"  You know - just in case a tornado were to take out my house, I would still have my favorite outfit.

I decided that was just silly.  But I still don't want to be caught in a nightgown if a tornado hits.  So I've decided instead to wear my favorite clothing - not my best outfit. 

If a tornado hits tonight, here's what I'm wearing:

My favorite nightgshirt from Victoria's Secret:
(similar to this but gray and with POCKETS!)

My favorite yoga pants from Old Navy:
(because you can't get caught in a tornado with no pants on)

And my favorite hoodie from Castor & Pollux:

Yes, I look like a crazy mess, but I'm prepared!!

Now if it comes down to choosing my favorite shoes I'm in major trouble!!

Hope everyone is having a safe, cozy Friday night!

~ the Brunette

Peeking in Carrie's Diary

Does the prospect of a stormy spring weekend get us down this Friday?
Well, the postponement of our backyard croquet-match does stink a little, but last night we picked up two copies of this:  !!

Now THIS is something to cozy up to on a rainy weekend!  I'm sure we'll both have it completely read by Monday and can share how it is, but the Brunette couldn't help reading a couple chapters last night and here is what we can offer so far:

1. Carrie is quite awkward in her high school years.
2. Carrie's favorite book is by a feminist and she is a complete follower.
3. Carrie already loves to write.
4. Carrie and her friends' (who are not Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte by the way) main goal for senior year is to get a boyfriend.  Same goal as their junior year that didn't come to fruition.
5. Carrie has "rules" of friendship - and you can tell she is very much devoted to her friends (above boys).  Rare for a high school girl, right??

Cheers to cuddling up with a good book and waiting out the storms...
(a handsome man doesn't hurt either) ;o)

Rain - or - Shine
We hope you have a great weekend!

~ the Blonde and the Brunette

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Pink Side of the Moon

I had sincere intentions of posting this yesterday but it somehow slipped past me.

Did anyone happen to notice the moon last night?  I searched and searched but it was not visible from any vantage point near my house (on foot). 
Supposedly, last night was the once annually occurence of the Pink Moon. 

Admittedly, neither the blonde or the brunette really wear pink.

Nothing against the color - we just don't for some reason.
Recently I came across these pictures of just a splash of pink and am completely intrigued.

To me, these accents of pink add a feminine touch without making her "the girl in pink".
Come in and take a look at some other pink accents...

Aren't these pink doors intriguing?  I am dying to see what's on the other side - seems like it would be a magical, girly place!

My all-time-favorite "pink accent" is this painted staircase.  So pretty!

A pink daybed really warms up a neutral white room.

This room would not be very interesting without the bright "POP!" of the hot pink pillows.

Nor would this one!

I would imagine these pink light shades cast a beautiful warm glow in this dressing room.

The most subtle of subtle - a tiny pink bowl on the mantle with some pink flowers. 
So light and delicate - I love this room!

Perhaps our all time favorite bedroom - we both love this one:
Have you ever seen something so luxurious and girly?  Velvet, tufting and fur, OH MY!

What an impact a few pink throw pillows
 (seriously how many are on there? I think I count 13 - a little much, no??)
and some flowers can make!

We've posted this closet before, but it's still stunning!!

For those non-pink people, a little less:

For the pink luvahs - a little more:

Tinsley Mortimer takes this dress up a notch with a pink clutch and sandals:

As does our girl Zoe Saldana:

How amazing is Kate Moss in this dress with the slice of pink at the bottom?!

Whether you're a fan of pink or not, there's no argument it is great in small doses!

~ the Brunette

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

{style crush}: Olivia Palermo

In honor of The City premiering last night here's a look at one of the show's most stylish stars, Olivia Palermo.  She might be a little difficult on the show, but this girl knows how to look good.  

First off, she's freaking beautiful as a blonde...

and as a brunette.

I love her style!!  She's very NYC and pulls her looks off with perfection...

She's amazing, right?  Her street style is just as impressive...

Olivia has always been a huge fan of the statement necklace. 
(this is probably my most favorite look ever of her...I love the laid back ease of this perfectly styled outfit)

Recently, she partnered with  Roberta Freymann to create a few statement pieces of her own.  The necklaces are beautiful and are all named after neighborhoods in NYC.  Check it out here
Promo shot from the line...

A little embarrassing soon as I saw this line I decided I would jump on the trend immediateley so I bought one (obviously not from her line) and wore it and loved it.

Okay, so if you aren't already jealous enough of her tv show, career at Elle, jewelry gig, impeccable style and the simple fact that she's gorgeous...

Here's her awesome Tribecca apartment!

Love the neutrals with all the pops of glamour (super cute mirror pillows) and
color (to die for vintage Hermes tray)

I want this little nook...cream vintage chair with pink piping makes my heart flutter:)

And I saved the best for last...hold on to your's the closet shot...

Dear Olivia, I can tell I'm developing a slight obsession with you so please be nicer to people on the show because you are too pretty to be a mean girl.
the blonde

(most images courtesy of Red Carpet Awards and La Dolce Vita)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

dining al fresco

Dining outdoors is one of my favorite things to do.  I eat outside as often as possible including in my own backyard.  There's something so natural and enjoyable about it, and it's one of the things I get most excited about when spring arrives. 

Who wouldn't enjoy sipping their morning coffee here?
Or having a fru-fru brunch here with a few glasses of mimosa...yum!

A perfect little late afternoon getaway for you and your other...

Enjoying the ease of Chinese delivery and cold beer after a hard day's work...

Celebrating spring with friends in this whimsy field...

Sneaking away to this secret spot with a bottle of vino...

Enjoying a spectacular night at this gorgeous reception with all your friends...

or having a more intimate evening gathering here...

No matter what setting you are in I hope you take full advantage of this great
weather and dine al fresco!  Have a great week and go outside!
~the blonde