Tuesday, November 30, 2010

silver lining...part two

Remember this post from a few months ago?  It featured this stunning bedroom (that I still like to look at at least once a week) and a few other silver themed rooms....

I've collected a few more inspiring silvery images since then...

Metallics are so glam!  I'm in love with this tufted chair and silver table! 

Another "love at first sight" room!  Could you imagine what this place would look like at night...swoon!

I know this chair isn't silver but it still has a little sheen and when paired with that mirrored dresser...I think yes! 

Obviously I have a thing for a shiny metallic, so imagine my extreme joy when I stumbled across this dramatic, little beauty...
(I found this chair at Chiasso after Elements of Style did a review on their catalog)
That chair = true love:)
Chiasso offers tons of cute metallic accessories too! 
I think this pillow would make a perfect gift...it's only $38!

Silver is so huge right now and there are tons of options.  How great is this pouf from Furbish?!?

And another awesome silver pillow from West Elm!  This would look so pretty on a white bed...perfect touch of glam:)

I love all these accessories, but the chair really has my heart:)
Are you adding a touch of silver to your Christmas wish list?
~the blonde

** For whatever reason I did not save the sources of these photos...sorry!  If you know who they belong to then let me know and I will gladly add them!**


Monday, November 29, 2010

brain freeze

What a great holiday break!  I ate plenty, spent quality time with my family, decorated for Christmas, attended a wedding, shopped, went to an awesome football game and hung out with friends...it was eventful and I'm exhausted!

So since my own brain is completely frozen today, I'm going to share with you a few people who always get it right and keep me entertained on days like today:)

Because they throw birthday parties like this...

This is also great NYE inspiration!

This blog is full of amazing street style photos! 
She also posts magazine spreads and red carpets but it's her street style photos that made me fall in love!

For red carpet looks this is the blog!  

 Lous, Boos and Shoes
This blog is devoted to beautiful images and I look forward to every post!

See what I mean...beautiful!

This is a fairly new discovery of mine...it was love at first look! 
Her images are a little more rustic but still full of glam!

We both read so many blogs and love finding new ones so leave a comment if you have any great suggestions!  Also, check out the "blogs we love" column for more of our favorites!
~the blonde

PS - All the blog titles mentioned are links straight to that blog...enjoy! 

Friday, November 26, 2010

SO. ThankFULL.

I don't know about you all, but I have been blessed to have one of "those moms". 
Do you know the moms I'm talking about? 

The ones whose house is always home.
Try as I might, I don't know if I will ever be a "home"-maker like my mom.
Candles are always burning seasonal fragrances.
It's warmer.
Lights are twinklier.
And without a doubt the food tastes better.

I knew how this bunny felt by the end of the day...  :o)

Putting our cousin from NY to work for the lemon pie...  :o)

Pups sequestered to the living room...  :o(

Mom came through with my favorite...apple pie!!  :o)

My sister peeling apples for her dessert...

This is how my dad helps - stays out of the way.  :o)

The feast...this is for only 5 people!  And pies aren't even on the table!

In Arkansas, usually the men head off to deer hunt after lunch.  But they pitched in and brought the Christmas Tree upstairs before running off!

I had a great Thanksgiving Day!
How about you all?  How did you celebrate the holiday?

~ the brunette

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I'm thankful for...

The brunette did a super cute "I'm thankful for..." post on Monday, and I thought I would look like a complete scrooge if I didn't follow suit! So, here's my list...

1. Real Housewives of Atlanta
I know, these ladies are complete wack-a-doos, but I love every, single minute of the insanity!  I never make it through an episode without laughing out loud, gasping in complete shock and yelling to my husband "these people are crazy."

2.  Christmas lights!  I love this time of year...everything is so sparkly and pretty!

3. This little baby boo boo...

4. Scoring these $328 boots for $86 bucks!  I've watched these Free People beauties for months and was semi-tempted when they were marked down to $199 but held out and they went to $99!  Plus, I had my 15% off bday coupon!!  I'm so excited...I feel a little guilty about not waiting for Christmas, but I couldn't resist!

5. For almost three years of marriage to this cutie:)
This pic was taken at a shower for us hosted by the brunette!  It was Halloween weekend and she went all out...isn't this awesome?!? 

6. Sequins...I'm obsessed!

7.  My amazing family!  This is me and my siblings on my birthday last year.  They are such great kids!  I'm also blessed with wonderful parents and great in-laws:) 

8.  Going to NYC in a few weeks with my hubby! 
If anyone has any "you have to do this" suggestions please comment.

9.  My girlfriends!  I really do feel blessed that I have so many great friends in my life...and I mean real friends the ones that you can be 100% completely honest and unedited with! 
The brunette is definitely one of those friends and I am forever thankful for her and the many, many conversations we have on a daily basis:)

10. You guys!  Thanks so much for reading and supporting our blog!
Happy Thanksgiving...I hope everyone eats way too much:)
~the blonde

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

it's tradition

Rugs are so essential for a room.  They literally define the space and play a major role in setting the tone for the room.  Bold, graphic rugs and these have definitely been the trend lately, but we are definitely seeing the return of the traditional rug too...

This is the room that started it all for me!
I've always been a little scared that a traditional rug like this would make your room feel dated, but obviously, this isn't the case! 

We then started noticing tons of super cool rooms with more traditional style rugs...

The great colors in this rug give it an instant update!

How awesome is this?!?  The colors, the art, the drapes, the gold bed, the rug...yum!

Love layered rugs and this is a great alternative to the natural fiber and zebra trend combo:)

Speaking of layered...how awesome is this zebra hide over the traditional rug?!?!
This is Ryan Korban's home and you can check out his portfolio here...I'm in love with him...I mean his designs:) 

Ikea offers a few awesome options...the prices are great but you can't order them online:(

Pottery Barn also has a few cool options too!

I think I'm liking this new tradition!
~the blonde

Monday, November 22, 2010

I'm Thankful For...

Traditionally after awards shows, we do a "red-carpet round-up" of our favorites and just observations in general from the night.  But typically Malina (the blonde) does those and I'm shying away from it on my own! 
So today, 10 things I am THANKFUL for:

1. A short work week!

2. Coffee already made when I got to work

(image via: photographyblogger)

3. My family

4. A mom who makes the best apple pie in the WORLD (hint)

(image via: good egg)

5. Just APPLES in general :o)

(image via: that kind of woman)

6. Warm Fires

(image via: we heart it)

7. Leah at ThxThxThx who encourages me to be thankful for very simple things...

8. Knowing I get to sleep in for 4 days in a row...

(image via: dress design decor)

9. Sweaters, coats and scarves...OH MY!

10. The beginning of Party Season!

What about you?  What are you thankful for??

~ the brunette