Thursday, February 17, 2011

the blonde is alive

I'm alive and doing great!  No, the brunette and I did not get in a huge fight or anything near that dramatic, but I did get a new job and have been super duper busy!

The last time I blogged was at the end of Dec. when I was headed to NYC...I know, that's awful...bad blogger {slaps own hand}! Well, we had a fabulous trip...I love that city!

Here's our super cute hotel room!  

And a shot of the awesome lobby...
We stayed at The Marcel at Gramercy, and I highly recommend this hotel!

Since the trip was almost two months ago, I will spare you all the holiday window pics and just give you a few of my faves...
My husband and I headed to dinner at Gramercy Tavern!  

All bundled up one morning on our way to have brunch at Bathazar in Soho...

Spending the afternoon in Central Park!  

So since the trip...I had a nice holiday break and started a new job at the first of the year!  I've been completely overwhelmed (in a good way) and have been totally distracted from the real know like spring trends, celeb gossip, daily trips to the mall on my lunch break - all the important things:)  Hey, some days I lie down at night and realize I never even checked facebook that day...what?!? 

Last week, I seriously started getting worried because I didn't have one item on my "spring must have" list...and then I fell in love with these...

Jeans...what...I'm not a huge jean girl, but this JBrand skinny flare excites me!  For the past for years I've only worn skinny jeans, and I'm welcoming back the flare!

I love how they are still super fitted through the hips!

I saw one of my fave blondes wearing a pair of flares today!
Popsugar has a better pic, but you can't copy theirs, so this is from 12:04 blog.

Who What Wear did a great spread last week on the flared jean...

Finally, something to buy:)
I'm seriously excited about switching up my jean style!

Okay, so I have one more beauty trend that I cannot get out of my head...

Eyelash extensions...which equals no more mascara!  

I have two girlfriends that have them and love them! 
What do you think?  
All I've heard are the pros...does anyone know any cons?!?

It feels good to be back to a blonde and a brunette...

but I have to admit the brunette was doing an amazing job all on her own!
Super big thank you to her!
~the blonde

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  1. So, now they're called flares. Back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, they were called bell-bottom hip-huggers. Go figure.

    So happy you love your new job!!