Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The month of looooove...

Welp, February is here...
the month dreaded by single women and attached men...
simply because of a small "greeting card holiday" right smack in the middle.

Even when I was attached, Valentine's Day was never about presents and flowers for me.
It's about reminding those that you love that, well, you love them!
It's about spending time together!

But even so, sometimes the holiday sneaks up on us singles, or the boyfriend/husband doesn't live up to your expectations, so I recommend this.

Be your own Valentine!

I'm serious!  For the first two weeks of February, I propose 14 things to "love" yourself.

1. Exercise and Eat Right
I know this sounds cliche, but when you nourish and take care of your body, you truly feel so much better!

2. Paint your nails and toenails
Do-it-yourself or splurge on a mani/pedi - but fresh coats of paint are fewer and more far between in the winter - but doesn't it just feel good to have pretty nails??

3. Schedule a Girls' Night
Don't forget your girls!!  It's so important to make time to spend with your friends and be yourself - just you - for a while!

4. Keep a Pretty bottle of Lotion by your bed
I know this is random, but I started this habit a couple weeks ago and putting lotion on your hands and feet before bed is so good for overnight nourishment, but is also so relaxing!!
I chose Watkins Lavender...

5. Take a bath

6. Buy yourself flowers
This was one of my new years' resolutions and it's not as much of a splurge as it may sound.  I buy myself flowers - probably every 2 weeks (whenever they start to wilt).  Let me stress that I'm not talking about sending yourself a $40 bouquet.  I buy a small bundle of flowers ($3.99) and split them up between a few vases throughout my house.

7. Explore

8. Make your bed Welcoming
I think good sheets are imperative.  I also have a ritual of changing my sheets every Sunday night.  Somehow fresh sheets on Sunday night help offset the oncoming Monday morning.  Linen sprays are a great way to keep your bed smelling (and feeling) fresh all week.
I really like Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Sensual Jasmine Vanilla Pillow Spray, but have been told it smells old lady.
I like it.  :o)
9. Get some sleep

10. Buy pretty shoes
If you ask me, every woman should have a pair of shoes that make her feel beautiful.  :o)

11. Find a hobby

12. Quiet Time
Find it.  Savor it.

13. Get some Vitamin D
So hard to do in the winter, but women especially need Vitamin D daily.

14. Indulge (*a little)
Whether ice cream or a piece of chocolate - don't forget to spoil yourself just a little.



  1. Great advice! One of my favorite smells- fresh clean sheets!

  2. such a great post for us single ladies! I just started keeping nourishing lotion by my bed, and can't you already tell a difference in your skin?!