Friday, April 29, 2011

Royally Enraptured!

Let's be honest.
We haven't blogged in a long.a$$.time.
Blogging literally takes hours a day between research (aka surfing the web) and posting.

But how could this day go unblogged?? 
I'm certain every blogger has blogged the royal wedding, but here's our recap:

The dedicated Blonde got up super early and watched, while the Brunette caught the "2nd showing"  :o)

Some of the earliest arrivals...

This British socialite has generated a lot of buzz - I was not a fan of her hat but she does look stunning!!

And speaking of stunning guests...the most beautiful couple in the world - the Beckhams.

These princesses have also caught a lot of negative attention on the internet for trying to "outshine the bride" - I think they look great - that's kind of the point of British royal weddings isn't it?!

And there is no danger of anyone. anywhere. ever. outshining this bride!!

I heard comparisons of Kate Middleton to Princess Grace (Kelley of Monaco)...

Pippa bringing up the rear - she was a stunner as well!

Oh but you probably want to see her from the front...

yadda yadda yadda, boring wedding stuff, and THEN!!

Does anyone remember this iconic wedding photo from Princess Diana's wedding?
I heard this little girl (who is now grown and married herself), tell the story on tv the other day - she had just fallen down and stood back up, and Princess Diana leaned over and said
"Did you bump your bottom?" 

And she is still embarrassed to this day that she fell down.

Well, this little girl will probably carry this with her for her whole life too.
How cute?!?!

You had to take your eyes off the kiss to catch her.
But here's the real thing (I don't know if it's the 1st kiss or 2nd kiss)

I love her last stolen glance backward at the crowd.  :o)

And they lived happily ever after...

(these images are from all over the internet - I'm not sure where any of them originated)

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