Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Is Union Jack Back??

"Union Jack" (the name for the British flag), has had a presence in both British and American interiors for quite some time.

This apartment is the first I remember noticing the flag and thinking - that's kind of cool looking!
Of course what I really love about this room is the spin art and sooooo wish my sister still had her spin art toy!!

I can't help but wonder...
with the world watching and anticipated the upcoming Royal wedding,
...will Union Jack make a comeback??

Whether subtle and small...
(image via: arianna belle)

or the focal point of the room...

(image via: pinterest - blondeandbrunette blog)

or even a little change in colors...

(image via: pinterest - blondeandbrunette blog)

I'm definitely a fan!!

(image via: pinterest - blondeandbrunette blog)
(image via: little blue deer)

This room doesn't stop at Union Jack- they give a nod to Queen Elizabeth with a pillow of her own!

(image via: little blue deer)

I like the Union Jack flags in the more modern sense, but the look can go country casual too!
Sweet baby - what a comfy napping spot!  :o)

(image via: pink lemonade)

The flag gives a "preppy" look to a little boys room.

(image via: pink lemonade)

Superimposed on the American flag - not sure my thoughts on this one.

Some of my favorite "Union Jack" accessories - this Jonathan Adler pillow:

And literally my favorite furniture designer Jimmie Martin does some cool Union Jack pieces!

What do you think - like the look or feel it's a little traitorous?

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