Wednesday, January 12, 2011


As I mentioned last Thursday, I love rustic wood indoors - I think it is so warm!
So I love the idea of bringing in an entire STUMP. 
(termite-free of course)

This white trunk is so pretty to me...
(via: unknown)

In Arkansas we're more likely to find one like this...

(via: unknown)

I like the chunky stumps, but these birch trunks are pretty cool too! 
(via: house of turquoise)

These twisted driftwood pieces are like artwork on their own.

(via: unknown)

Something about driftwood is just so cool to look at - this wood has had its own life and been twisted and turned by nature!

I think driftwood is naturally beautiful and wouldn't dream of painting it, but for a little more modern look, or just an interesting pop of color - you can paint it!

(image via: decorista)

(image via: this is glamorous)

Speaking of stumps, I was trying to take a picture of my husky baby in the snow the other day and accidentally focused on a tree.  I kind of like how it came out - wish I could photoshop that cheesy white fence thing out!

Totally stumped today.
And that's a-okay!  :o)

~ the brunette


  1. What a cool blog! Can't wait to explore more!

  2. I do love solid stumps, that make a statement. However everthing in that first picture I love! Especially the chair!