Monday, January 10, 2011

yay for snow day!

Snow in Arkansas - especially Central Arkansas - is very rare.

Arkansans react 1 of 2 ways when we hear snow is coming:
1. We run to the grocery store for bread and milk and all kinds of comfort foods.
2. We are jaded by promises of snow and ignore the weather alerts.

I am of variety #2.  I never believe it will really happen.  When my mom called this afternoon and said it was downpouring snow in her town (about an hour away), and was sticking, I immediately threw on some jeans and (f)Ugg boots (my fake Target variety Uggs) and went to pick up some work at the office.

As soon as I started driving home, the snow startef falling...

I got home just in time!!

So today, I am perched in my sweats with my laptop, staring out the window at the beautiful white!

and occasionally going out to enjoy it myself...

Stay warm and safe today!!

~ the brunette


  1. SOOOOO jealous! we were promised snow here too (lowcountry SC) but all we're getting is lots of cold rain. boo! ENJOY the heck out of your snow day! :)

  2. Enjoy the snow! We are getting hit again in NJ on Tuesday night.

  3. LOve the pictures and I just saw you converse post and shout out to me! thank you!