Monday, January 3, 2011

so blue

I'm not really "blue" but wasn't it SO HARD to go back to work today after a long holiday?!
I was one of those unfortunate iPhone users whose alarm clock did NOT go off today (thankfully I have a back-up alarm clock!)

I am SO EXCITED to see the blonde tonight and hear how her 1st day at her NEW JOB went!!

But back to being BLUE...

I don't consider myself a "blue" person - I can't really think of anything blue in my house, but this throw knocks my socks off...

I don't know what it is - perhaps the pairing with that gorgeous gunmetal pillow - but this is so stunning and eye-catching to me!

So I started looking for more "blue" inspiration...
I love a good accent wall...

(image via: eric roth bedroom via cococozy)

Something about this color backdrop is so stunning to me -

(via: musings)

the laquered look is definitely on-trend...

(image via: cococozy)

I don't think I could brave it with cabinets because they are just so...permanent.
But I applaud designer Miles Redd for going for it!

(image via: miles redd portfolio on apartment therapy)

This lighter blue is really fresh to me.

(image via: cococozy)

But I'm in love with the dark, bolder blue!

(image via: decorista)

My sister got me the Sharon Montrose macaw print for Christmas so I'm excited to start adding a little blue to my home!!

Blue Mondays aren't so bad!

~ the brunette


  1. Love the blue throw, the blue accent wall, and while the lighter blue is fresh, I love the deeper, bolder blue. May the macaw print be the first of many blue accents.

  2. totally loving this shade this season. in fact, i'm pretty obsessed with it!

  3. Our iPhone alarm clock didn't go off either!! And we didn't have a backup. Thankfully, we woke up once the sun was shining through our windows!! So not a good start to what's turning out to be a pretty blue week. Ah, well. C'est La Vie.

    Love the blue, by the way! Too awesome. I don't know if there's much room for blue in our home's current color palette, though. But that doesn't mean I can't try!