Friday, January 14, 2011

I'm So PINterested!!

I have a confession.
I have been cheating on Blogger with Pinterest.

Does anyone else pin?
I'm so addicted!!!

One website should not have so much random beauty.
So I thought I would share snippets of a couple of my pinboards since I've been neglecting blogger!!

I love this casual look.  It is perfection.
All my favorite things - jeans, scarf, jacket, heels (I would love it w/ boots too)...

This slouchy look is so versatile to me. 
I would pull that sweater up on my shoulder for a comfortable work look, but I love how it's casual too - I would wear this out after work!

This sweaterdress and boots looks so warm and cozy!!

This is literally the most amazing coat I've seen in my life. 

For some reason I really like the skull trend - but in a subtle way...

How sexy is just a hint of red??
This look has inspired a future blog post for me!

From the "Recipes" pinboard...

I just bought a George Foreman Panini Press, so I can't wait to make these Pear, Brie, Carmelized Walnut & Arugula Paninis!

Broccoli Cheddar and Ale Soup - perfect weather for this!!

Halfway to Heaven Peanut Butter Cookies
a PB lover's dream
a dieter's nightmare!!

(this is just my cuteness fix...)

A monkey picking up snowballs.
Can you get cuter than that??

This must be a momma husky thing.  My husky does this too...

wanna see??

My Gracie: (and Brooks)
Don't worry - they're both still alive.  :o)

This baby kills me.  Cutest thing ever.

I know this post is RANDOM, but so is Pinterest - I have so much fun looking at all the pictures and making my own boards that bring a little organization and personalization to the randomness!!

If you want to follow our Pinboards, look for BlondeandBrunette blog.
If you Pin - tell me your name in comments!!

Happy Weekend (and Happy Pinning!)

~ the brunette

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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that jacket!

    Huskies are so sweet. I just love the pups. :)