Thursday, January 6, 2011

barnyard behavior

Heavy, rustic wood is truly "my look".

So I am truly loving these sliding barn doors...

This is the first I saw this idea and it is still my favorite - I love the old, beat up, natural wood...

(via: cococozy)

The painted door is gorgeous too - especially in that eye-popping yellow!

(image source unknown)

This is what one would probably look like from the inside - when it's open. 
This door is painted to match all the trim and wall color.

(via: the lettered cottage)

But my favorite is when it's natural and contrasting and steals all the attention!

(via: gingerella)

You can even hang them as a double sliding door to cover a larger opening!!

(via: from greenwich with love)

I'm all about bringing the barnyard inside!

~ the brunette


  1. that 1st pic is awesome! love the style!

  2. I am with Ashley, that first door is simply stunning!

  3. I loved the idea of barn doors when I saw the last photo a while ago, but thank you so much for sharing these other amazing photos! I'm obsessed!