Wednesday, July 28, 2010

biker babes

I've never been a biker. 

I learned to ride a bike without training wheels when I was gifted a 10-speed on my 12th birthday.  I probably rode the thing a dozen times.  I seriously couldn't have cared less about riding bikes and have always preferred to get where I want to go on foot.  (or thankfully, now, by car) 

In Little Rock, we have a pretty active biking community, and sometimes I'm tempted when I see bikers zipping past me while I'm hoofing it down a trail...I assure you this temptation would quickly pass if I climbed on one...but how long has it been since any of us have taken a leisurely bike ride? 

So today I wanted to reflect on the beauty and romanticism of a great bike ride!

All great bikes must have a basket - for flowers, vegetables, puppies...

Who says you can't ride in a dress...just be appropriate  ;o)

can you say leg workout?!  haha

And bicycles are always nice with two...

the blonde found this cute tank from f21...I mean how cute can you get?

The pics almost have me suckered in.  Almost.  ;o)
Hope you have a great day - however you get where you're going! 
The week is all downhill from here!
~ the brunette

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