Friday, July 9, 2010

o.m.g. RZP is back

If you read this blog regularly then you know that I have a slight obsession with Rachel her show, use her annoying catch phrases constantly and buy anything she says is "in":) Well, the new season of RZP premieres August 3, and Bravo just released a few new pics of the queen of style with her equally stunning posse!

And from these two pics we can conclude that thigh high boots and statement coats will be a must this fall...oh, and a coordinating Birkin bag (in my sweet, little dreams).

There's also a great season 3 preview video here.
Oh, and please take note that Rachel is sporting a black turban in one scene

So since we are talking about mega stylist RZ and Paris fashion week is currently underway I thought I could practice my styling skills:) Here we go...this is a long one...

Let's start with Christian Dior...his show way by far the most dramatic and sensational...I loved it!
Charlize Theron is a huge fan of Dior and almost always wears it at any major red carpet event.
Charlize's next dress...

This one screamed Eva Mendes to me...that color would look fabulous on her skin!

And I have to give my favorite look to Ms. Zoe, who else could pull this off?!?

Valentino, the perfect collection for every girly girl...
Olivia Palermo would look so cute in this with her signature soft up-do.

And Valentino for another NYC socialite, Tinsley Mortimer, the ultimate girly girl.

And I really love this dress, but I can't decide if Rachel McAdams or Emily Blunt should wear this...decisions, decisions:)

If this Bouchra Jarrar doesn't scream J.Lo then I don't know what does?!? And it's not just because it's low cut, but more because it's a super glamorous/I'm-a-jet-setting-diva dress.

I also loved the Armani was filled with tons of monochromatic looks layered with gorgeous coats...there was a very high class, Jackie O vibe to me.

Cameron has been promoting her new movie like crazy and wearing tons of straight silhoettes that show off her awesome figure while still looking like a classic. This look is total Cameron.

The brunette actually called this one and I couldn't agree more...
Renee Zellweger might actually stray away from her Carolina obsession for this little ombre number...
And this one is for one of my favorites, Rhianna...wouldn't this dress look great with her short hair!

And for the queen of understated, Angelina Jolie...

Now, to Chanel...I love this collection, but think it's styled a little crazy with all the matchy boots and ratty hair.

I instantly loved this look, but thought "who in the hell could pull that off?" Then, realized Posh Spice!  I bet she could style this to perfection!

Chanel's golden girl, Diane Kruger could so rock this little number...

Another look that I love, but had a hard time deciding who should wear know what my first thought was Debra Messing circa Will and Grace...isn't that random, but remember when she was red carpet killer.
Okay here's the tough part about being a stylist, sometimes you have to risk of ending up on the worst dressed list, and I think this decision might do it:)

Leighton Meester is such the little risk taker and lots of times it doesn't work out well for her, but I think she should at least give this one a try...

The best for last...Elie Saab killed it!
Kate Hudson would own any red carpet in this gorgeous number...I hope the real RZ is taking notes:)

I know it's not black, but Jennifer Aniston also loves a shimmery neutral. I could so see her in this...the brunette's favorite looks out of all the shows so far!
I would be shocked if an Olsen doesn't show up on a red carpet in this...or Nicole Richie.
I know Blake Lively usually goes for a little more color, but I think she would look stunning strutting around in this little jumpsuit...

I'm not a Harry Potter fan, but when I saw this look I instantly thought of that cute Emma Watson.

And my favorite style star, Sienna Miller, is the only person I want to see in this beyond gorgeous gown!
 Wow, that was a little OOC!  Please share your thoughts about the looks and what you agree or disagree with...thanks!
Have a great weekend!
~the blonde


  1. Do you know where I could watch RZP for free? I don't have Brovo any more and I miss her! :) Your picks are just great from me... I would pick your Jennifer Aniston number.

  2. Laurel, try will at least posts clips:)