Thursday, July 15, 2010

Heads Up!

I will never forget this day in design school.  My professor walks in and says "Everyone write down the name of your favorite restaurant."  Play along with me - think of your favorite restaurant.

I think, "Easy - Noodles" (that was my favorite restaurant in Fayetteville at the time).  Wrote it down.

Next my professor says, "Okay, now describe the ceiling."

Me: "Uhhhh....."

Could you do it? 

That day was my first realization that I'm not nearly as observant as I thought.  From that day, I try my very hardest to be conscious of taking in my surroundings - and always noticing the ceiling.  So why is it, that we neglect the ceiling?  Why do we paint it white and move on?  I think ceilings should make a statement too!  And so do some of these homeowners...

I came across this great room while I was camping last weekend and catching up on some mags.  I know the scan is terrible - apologies!  But I love this white room with a purple ceiling.  Warning: this technique will make the ceiling seem lower - but if you have a really open space with high ceilings - it's a great way to help "cozy it up". 

Why wouldn't we paint the ceilings in nurseries -
don't babies just look at the ceiling all the time anyway??

Not only do I love these stripes, but the continuation on the ceiling is so striking and draws your eye up.
Although I did notice that cute dog art before I looked up.  :o)

Wallpaper on the ceiling - sounds difficult - but so pretty!

I know I'm recycling this photo from last week, but you don't see wallpaper on the ceiling very often and it kind of blows me away.  I don't necessarily love this pattern, but I think the idea is phenomenal.

I can't quiiiiite tell what is going on at this ceiling from the photo, but from another shot I have of the same room, it seems to be some kind of texturing.  Amazing.

It is hard for me to take my eyes off this chandelier, because as quirky as it is, I'm in love with it.  More on that later.  But the woodwork on this ceiling is incredible.

Brick and stone ceilings are so rustic and warm to me, but you don't see them very often in the United States...

Besides ceiling treatments, you may find other surprises when you look up.  Airplanes and clouds - who would've thought to put those together?  :o)

Call me crazy but these flowers look real to me.  Not sure how this works, but I think it's beautiful. 

Wherever today takes you, don't forget to stop, and take a look up!

~ the Brunette


  1. thanks for visiting my blog!

    i love this post. i was just admiring my tin celings the other day and was thinking I don't look at them enough. I live in a brooklyn brownstone, but grew up in texas, where all my ceilings were basic white.

  2. * tin ceilings
    * brooklyn brownstone
    = jealous!!

    thanks for checking us out as well!

  3. I love this. Ahh if only I could go to design school!!! I am going to look at the ceilings from now on!