Wednesday, July 14, 2010

for the love of dogs

In case you don't know, we LOVE dogs. 
Like - talk to them like they're our children (b/c they are), L.O.V.E. dogs!

Last week, on "Man Shops Globe" - Anthropologie genius/shop-a-holic Keith Johnson - who claims to have the greatest job in the world - and I fully AGREE - set out to Scotland in search of "dog art" to auction off and benefit a wonderful dog rescue organization in Philadelphia.

He found some beautiful and unique items to sell - these felt dogs commanded prices of $6-10,000.  I'm not even kidding.

But "dog art" can be found at reasonable prices all over the United States as well!
I have an artist friend, Rosemary Parker, who paints custom portraits of well, anything, b/c she's amazing - but I have been talking to her recently about painting my dogs. 
(just as soon as an influx of cash comes my way)  :o)
Here are some examples of her gorgeous work: 

I love that even the "white" areas of the dog are painted with colors - but you can still tell it's a white dog!

Last night, I came across this great website called Animal Blueprint Company
(you have to know I'm in the construction business so I'm kind of nerdy about blueprints anyway)

They have all different breeds, but I'm a husky owner so there ya go!  I really want one of these!

Dog art isn't anything new - we love our 4-legged friends and are proud to display them!  Here are a few rooms where the dogs take center stage:

subtle cute

I can't even tell you how happy this makes me - I adore the sketches of all different breeds.  And the sculpture on the table too - I just love it!

Pardon the re-use of this pic - can you spot the little wire guy on the mantle?

I love the discreet little dogs just hanging around...

Dogs on furniture - this is one of my all-time favorite sets of chairs!
(by Jimmie Martin - yes, he does custom)

Dogs bring me so much happiness, I had to add a new one to my family.
Meet Maxx:

I adopted him from TJ Maxx for the bargain price of $7.99.  That blur running down the hallway is my oldest pup Gracie.  My baby girl Brooks had to give Maxx a little kiss when they met.  So cute...

With a fresh coat of gold paint - voila - Maxx is so handsome!  Brooks is still really suspicious of him.  :o)

I hope I haven't sounded like a complete fanatic today - whatever makes you happy - be it dogs, cats, birds, flowers, heck, watermelons - find a way to display them!  If you haven't gotten to see it yet, be sure to check out "Man Shops Globe" tonight to see what treasures Keith is in search of this week!

~ the Brunette


  1. The blonde can tell you about a certain gentleman who received from his family for his sixtieth birthday a commissioned portrait, not of his 3 adorable children, or of his 3 adorable grandchildren, but of his -- you guessed it -- labrador retriever.

    Priorities are priorities, after all, no matter how twisted.

  2. Aww, I'm sure he just didn't feel that his children and grandchildren could be adequately captured with paint. Maybe. :o)

  3. Those dog art remind me of the ones we saw in that store on our last trip before St. Louis. Maxx looks better gold. :) Brooks is cute too though.