Friday, July 23, 2010

fashion's family

This week I stumbled across an amazing Missoni ad campaign shot by famed Juergen Teller (the guy responsible for all the wacky Marc Jacobs ads).  The campaign features the entire Missoni clan gathered at Missoni founders, Rosita and Tai's home.  I have absolutely no idea how I never noticed or saw these ads when they started running in February, but I am now even more in love with this family and brand!

The lovely face of Missoni, Margheita posing with her cute is that?!?

How precious is grandpa?!?

Love this one...I mean how could you not love that Missoni sofa?!?

I really enjoyed seeing these pictures and thought they would be a perfect ending to the week.  Now we know what a family gathering with one of the most fashionable families in the world would be like:)

And since we are talking about ad campaigns, I thought I would also include one of my most favorite Kate Moss ads and yep, it happens to be for Missoni - love it:)

I hope you all have a great weekend!
~the blonde

(most images from fashionising)

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