Tuesday, July 27, 2010

lend me a hand

Look at these genius, though a tad creepy, curtain holder hand things! Aren't they so odd and awesome all at the same time?!?
This is from the Carolina Herrera's creative director. I found these images on Plush Palette...go here to see his entire home...it's worth the click:)

Speaking of hands...here's a few cool hand hooks that come in every gesture you can imagine plus several cute colors.  I think they would definitely be great in the right home and would obviously be a wonderful conversation starter for the guest that arrived and hung their coat on this...

It would be really cute to hang them in a series similar to this...

Here's a fist from an old Elle Decor...looks pretty awesome in this room!

Antique glove molds are also becoming quite the home accessory.  I'm still not sure how I feel about these...sometimes I think it looks interesting, but other times they kind of freak me out?!?

You can use them in a grouping..

or just use one to add a little interest.

(design sponge)

(casa sugar)
I actually love this giant one!!

The metal ones are also super cool and these don't freak me out as bad for some reason?!?

(apaerment therapy)
If you want to bring a similar look into your home, but can't find any vintage option then check out these...
from Urban Outfitters...here, here and here

from Z Gallerie...here and here

So what is your conclusion...cool or a little odd? 
~the blonde


  1. I love odd, but some of those are just too creepy for me!

  2. odd... a little creapy too! I do have a hand that is flipping me off that I keep paperclips in at home. I bought it when Iwas in college. In my punk stage. haha.

  3. Well, at least I know I'm not alone with the creepy feelings, but I do think the curtain holder hands are pretty cool too!

    L, they make those hand hooks in that gesture too...you could get one to match your paperclip holder...haha

  4. I agree that they are on the creepy side - with the exception of the metal ones - I think because they're flat, they're not so realistic and creepy!