Friday, December 3, 2010

Shine Blockas

Okay that's not the "shine blocka" I'm talking about.
I keep noticing laquered walls popping up all over the place and the rooms feel so sterile to me!

Can you imagine having to wipe fingerprints off your walls??

I will admit this is the best hunter green has looked.  I kind of like this one...

And the black shiny walls I just love.  Love.

Even if it weren't shiny, this hallway would deter me.

Gross on top of gross.

Usually we post things we like, but in this case, I just could not overlook.
I love shine in the form of sequins,
but when it comes to lacquered walls...
I'm a total Shine Blocka.

~ the brunette

(images via: la dolce vita & elle decor for the rest)

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