Wednesday, September 8, 2010

animal farm

I know I post about animals a lot. 
I can't really help it - I LOVE them!

One of my favorite photographers for the past couple of years has been Sharon Montrose.
I am DYING for one of her prints - but can't decide which?!?!

Her photos are so simple - always a white background with the animal on whitewashed boards.
The animal becomes the true focus and is just stunning.

The first I remember seeing was the Owl...

I love pigs so this little piglet is too cute for words!

The reindeer is very handsome...
I tried to get my dad to buy him for his office at home.
I had no idea reindeer were real.

My mom loves giraffes...

The macaw is probably the absolute most stunning.

The vulture is somehow beautiful to me too, in a creepy way

The "cutest" award goes to the baby lamb and baby porcupine...

Although the baby deer is pretty stinking cute.
But reminds me of poor Bambi.  :o(

The serval is very REGAL.
Isn't this a great animal lesson?  I need them all.

And last but not least...the donkey makes me laugh.  :o)

There are soooo many more animals on her website and she adds new ones all the time.
Mom: if you click the link, the first animal is a yellow snake.   :o)

I know I'm a bit (a lot) of an animal freak, so it makes me feel better to see other people love her work just as much (or close) as I do!

The room on the left features a grey goose.  Hey that would be really cool above a bar cart, huh?
The room on the right - that gorgeous yellow snake.  Great accent with the yellow chairs!

The hallway on the left features a nubian goat - how fun to walk down the hallway with a goat looking at you!

The room on the right features the very handsome reindeer.

I love "leaning" artwork.  Again, the reindeer is so lovely.

Aren't these great in kids rooms, too??

Oh, I am not even kidding you, if I could trade jobs with anyone on this entire planet it would be this woman.  I am so envious of what she gets to do on a daily basis and how beautiful her work is!!

~ the brunette

(images via: the animal print shop, sfgirlbybay, and the last photo from someone's tumblr I forgot the name of already - sorry!)


  1. I have no idea which one I would pick...but one day I'd love to have one of her prints!

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  3. My pick would have to be the baby deer or the giraffe, LOVE!!!
    xoxo lola

  4. The Brunette's MomSeptember 8, 2010 at 11:30 AM

    Giraffe, of course, and the adorable baby porcupine!

  5. The Brunette's MomSeptember 8, 2010 at 11:34 AM

    Oh - forgot to say thanks for the warning about the yellow snake - I don't think I'll open the link!