Tuesday, May 25, 2010

public displays of collections

In the words of Rachel Zoe, "Some people collect stamps or art.  I happen to collect clothes."  Through the years, I have been known to say that exact same thing, but these images really make me wish I had a cool collection to display.
I do have a thing for grabbing bottles, vases, glassware, etc. when I'm in junk stores.  How fabulous is this color coordinated collection?  

Love this display...

Organizing your things by color can make a space and/or collection shine!  I adore this rainbow of books!

Speaking of color coded items...how cool is this bottle cap collection?!?
(From Flickr member Benita)

Mixing up the colors proves to be just as successful here...
Don't you want to run to the flea market right this second and start buying antique tea pots...or is just me?!?

A more sophisticated teapot collection...

(via Desire to Inspire)

Globe collections seem to be popping up all over lately...maybe this is the new "it" collection:)

Aren't these inspiring?  Does anyone have a cool collection or an interesting display?
Have a great day!
the blonde


  1. I have a collection of turtles from around the world... SO random! Someone once asked me what I collected. I said 'nothing' so they sent me a turtle and they included a card that said " for your " collection" it has gone on ever since. haha. RANDOM.

  2. love love the teapot collection and the rainbow of books - thats a cool idea!!