Monday, May 3, 2010

Black Monday

Interesting outfits are a must, but sometimes the most interesting are also the most understated. 

The dress that started the infatuation with the iconic "little black dress."

And we couldn't mention the little black dress with giving a nod to the modern day queen of black...
Jennifer Aniston

(via Red Carpet Fashion Awards)

A big black sofa works too.  I love this clean and classic, yet still interesting.

Another fabulous sofa...
(via Tobi Fairley)

My own little black powder room.

A really awesome black bathroom that I wish was my own.

And another...

I adore this walls and a black floor but still feels very light.  This is a perfect example of why you don't have to be scared of black!

Some super cool lady in her wonderful black office...

How cute is this black exterior?!?  Seriously, I've never seen black look so happy:)

Well, this little guy looks pretty happy too.

He kind of matches the black door, pink tongue?!?

I wish I could find a better pic of this charming black cottage home.  Isn't it precious and I love all the white trim and clean landscaping. 

Kind of reminds you of this...

I hope everyone has a great black Monday!
~the blonde

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  1. LOve the plunging necklines!!!!!
    and that dog... I wish I took that picture!!! what a great shot!