Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Water, Water Everywhere...

This is my mom and dad:
(They are going to KILL me for putting their picture on the internet)! 

My mom has the greenest thumb there is - she can grow anything, anywhere.  She tried to grow a watermelon on our deck in a pot last year (can't remember if it was successful but if anyone could make it happen, it would be her)!  She LOVES to garden and look at pretty gardens.

Unfortunately, our backyard looks very similar to this:
(a steep rocky mountain - add some poison ivy and voila - our backyard)

Hence why she has to grow watermelons in a pot on the deck.  :o)
But if she had her dream backyard, it would be lush with plants and have beautiful water features and fountains.

Water features can be built as ponds to hold water, plants and fish...

This one is portable:

For a smaller scale version of the pond, Martha Stewart does a great tutorial video on making a container water garden here!

These creep me out a little but they're kind of neat??

If you like moving water, pumps can be installed to make the water flow like a beautiful waterfall

I personally wouldn't mind having this one in my backyard.  :o)

It's even beautiful frozen!!

I love, Love, LOVE this infinity pond!!  I'll take one please!  (minus the fish)

I typically like the more natural ones - the ones that look like Mother Nature did them on her own - but I really like this modern infinity pond/pool, whatever it is??

If you have limited space, container fountains are super easy to build and the sound of bubbling water is so refreshing!

Martha Stewart gives instructions for making this one here!

And this one here!

Or there's always this one, here!

Or this one here!  Literally I could go on and on - Martha can make anything!

Now that I've thoroughly depressed her with pictures of water features that are definitely not at our house, here are some flowers to cheer you up!  Happy (almost) Mother's Day!

P.S. I have a real present for you Sunday.  :o)

~ the Brunette


  1. That's so sweet - as is a special brunette!
    - Mildly Prejudiced Mom