Wednesday, May 19, 2010

chair flair

I know we've talked about how once you notice something then you start seeing it everywhere...well, that is exactly what happened with the Porter's chair.  The brunette actually studied design (and graduated with a degree in it) so she knows all about furniture styles and their historical relevance, but the blonde does not, and I just thought these were some new, crazy cool chairs...oops!

Today, these chairs are uber glam and super hard to come by but their origin is quite the opposite.
(Warning: short history lesson so some might want to skip ahead)
During medieval times, Porter's chairs were designed for the gatekeeper servant.  These servants sat by the door to screen all guests and since there were often drafts near the doors these chair were designed to shelter them from the wind.  
Wow, we actually learned something today besides what SJP wore to yesterday's press junket!

These luxurious jade velvet and black lacquered chairs are the first Porter's chairs I ever noticed. 
Aren't they delicious?

I also love the clean black and white set....aww, this room kills me...the chairs, the lucite, the black's all too much:)

Then all of a sudden these chairs were everywhere even on the cover of a recent Restoration Hardware catalog?!?

Aren't they gorgeous?

Of course the super chic Max Azria has a beyond glamorous silver pair in his home.

Porter's chairs with a funky flair!

I love these chairs!  They always make a serious statement.
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Happy hump day,
the blonde


  1. I totally want a set of Porter's chairs now! Great post and I love knowing the history! Cheers!

  2. definitely love knowing the history behind the chairs - something about them reminds me of Alice in Wonderland... is that strange? maybe. But i love them!