Tuesday, May 11, 2010

{book review}: The Carrie Diaries

Let me start this out by saying, I am the hugest book nerd of all time. I hated reading until my sophomore year of college, I picked up a book on Christmas break and I haven't put one down since.

Sometimes (like now) I read 3 at a time. So I had this idea to do quick book reviews on the blog in case anyone is looking for something to read??

Please know, I am in no way an expert, and will not be analyzing metaphors or anything, just providing a general synopsis and maybe a little something extra!

I always have books on stand-by as soon as I finish one, but I'm open to suggestions if you've heard about a book and wonder how it is!

I recently finished The Carrie Diaries by Candace Bushnell

We posted about this book about a week ago, and I gave a summary about what I could determine from the first two chapters, but now I have made it all the way through...

I don't want to give anything away, but here is a little to go on:

The story takes place Carrie's senior year of high school.  She is not (by choice) part of the popular crowd and has a very close group of friends.  She is rebellious.  She already smokes and her favorite drink is the Singapore Sling. 
She meets her first love.

A few questions SATC fans have wondered get answered also, such as:
1. Where is Carrie's family?
2. Does Carrie have a mom/dad/siblings?
3. Where is Carrie from?
4. How does Carrie end up in New York?

But the best of all, and I swear I got chills and maybe a couple tears - you find out which New York friend she meets first, and how she meets her.

I can't tell anymore without ruining the book but if you're a fan of the show and have wondered any of these things, it's not a drama-filled, edge-of-your-seat book by any means, but it will answer some of your questions.  I should say the book ends the summer after her senior year, so there is still a 10 year gap that is left unanswered, but I think this book is a great glimpse into why Carrie is the way she is, and answers some of those bigger questions.  I really enjoyed it!

~ the Brunette

P.S. My next book will be Three Cups of Tea - I've had this for years and for some reason haven't read it yet.


  1. YEs PLEASE start book reviews!!! I adored your guys suggestion of a Female Nomad.I even gave it to my mom for Mothers day!

  2. Laurel, glad you liked it!! It's one of my favorites and always recommend it! Makes me want to pack a bag, leave my life and end up wherever??

  3. "The Help" by Kathryn Stockett is a great read! I missed these strong and funny women in my life when i was done with the book

  4. Elaine - I completely agree - I read that book a month or two ago and really enjoyed it - a little slow at first trying to read the dialect, but it got a lot easier the more you read!