Thursday, May 13, 2010

bird is the word

 This image is like a little piece of perfection.  I love the formal (wallpaper) mixed with the casual (the hats)... the new (lamp) mixed with the old (scruffy table)...the lived in look (shoes) mixed with the planned (fresh flowers) me, this is ideal.  
But this post isn't about the perfection of room, it's about the amazing wallpaper.  Little birds are popping up everywhere in home decor, and I'm loving them!  

This fabric stopped me dead in my tracks...I love it and I want it!  I'm dreaming of dining room drapes in this playful fabric with bold black and white stripe chairs...don't you think that would look great (be honest)?


More bird adorned walls that make me crazy!

I'm sure everyone remembers this Elle Decor cover from March, but did you notice that awesome black and white bird print.  I'm telling you - the bird is back:)

Love the little bird print on this sun porch.

Another great room with a bird print!
I wanted even get started on how much I adore those metal chairs mixed with that chunky wood table!

Pottery Barn and Target are both carrying these little guys.  I think one would look precious sitting on a stack of books.

Pottery Barn is also carrying these sweet bed linens. 
**Please use sparingly!  There's no need for the pillows and the duvet and the bird figurine...only pick one:)

~the blonde

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