Wednesday, May 12, 2010

In Love with Chester...field that is

At 27 years old, I still have the same $400 eggplant purple sofa in my living room that I bought my sophomore year of college - yes, that's 8 years of use on this thing - and let me tell ya -

I still LOVE it! 

It has held up so well and I hope to have this sofa for YEARS to come because I love the color - but I've been thinking lately - it's definitely time for an update.  It's probably time (I say this with an almost-tear in my eye) to retire to a different room and let a new sofa take center stage for a while.

Being that the next sofa needs to be stylish, something I can live with for a really long time (I'm not made of money!) and has to be pretty all-around amazing to replace my purple one - I have decided my next sofa will have to be...

...a Chesterfield.

Before you click away - I know this looks like something that goes in a 70-year old lawyer's home library or something. (no offense to any 70-year old lawyers who might read our blog)  :o)

Let me show you some rooms first...

They come in leather...


Love the colored ones!!  :o)

Anyone recognize this apartment??
Gossip Girl ring a bell??

Kelly Wearstler uses a modified-chesterfield at the Regency - doesn't have the arms but has the tufting

Another "modified" version...

I could go on for miles with pictures of this sofa - I'm so infatuated with the shape and look of it.  But I won't - I'm sure you have other things to do.  :o)

~ the Brunette

(images: anthropologie, apartment therapy, apartment therapy, Chandler Creative offices, apartment therapy for the next 5, peacock feathers, plush palate, domino, ???, kelly wearstler, ???) Okay I still missed two, but I told you I'd get better not perfect!  :o)

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