Monday, May 10, 2010

April Showers Brings May...Showers?

Here in Arkansas, we had a cold, rainy Mother's Day.
My mom and I spent the afternoon bundled under blankets, reading and napping...

It's predicted to rain all week here, and as amazing as it normally sounds to bundle up and stay inside,
it's springtime and we want to be outdoors!!

So I thought it's time to check into some trendy rain gear, starting with jackets...

Obviously, the Burberry trench is the classic perfect coat,

But since only a lucky few have thousands of dollars to spend on a trenchcoat, here are some other alternatives...

J. Crew's Icon Trench is a perfect classic fit, available in black, khaki or ivory...

and of course Anthropologie always knocks it out of the ballpark!

For a girly, skirted fit, I love the Topshop Tulle Trench...

and the Rachel Roy Double-Breasted Trench.

For a patterned coat, my picks are Rachel Roy's double-breasted coat with the splatterpaint print

Or Marc Jacobs leopard print - who doesn't love a little animal print?!

To keep those feet dry, there is nothing better than a pair of Hunter boots.

I have on my Hunter boots today...
(yes, I'm wearing jeans to work - I'm telling you the weather is naaasty)

J. Crew also has some practical wellies...

Target always carries some cute patterned boots as well...

I don't personally carry an umbrella so I wouldn't even know where to start to look for one - usually the dollar store because if I remember to carry one, I don't remember to bring it home!!

If you have an iPhone, there's a great app called the "Feather Report". 
Fashion + Weather = Feather

Basically you type in the weather (hello sunshine!, baby it's cold outside, hot mess, etc.)
then you type in the occasion (date night, ball game, girls' night, etc.)
and lastly your body type (i.e. Tall Tina, Skinny Mini, Booby Brenda...)
and BOOM some great outfit suggestions!  Here are a few of her suggestions for "warm rain"...

If you don't have the phone, she has a blog too.  She always includes great umbrella selections on rainy days and if there is only a chance of rain, she picks a little one that fits in your purse!!

I love the app and have so much fun playing with it!

Hope you have a great Monday and stay dry!!

~ the Brunette

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