Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cloudy with a Burst of Sun

I have been a big fan of the yellow and gray combo for a long time.  The blonde has a bathroom in her house with cool gray tile wainscoting and I have been begging her to paint the the top half of the wall white and do a buttery yellow shower curtain.  For months, I have sent pictures to try to persuade her, but she still needs more prodding - can you be convinced?

I love how they throw in the black and white graphic pillows and zebra rug. To me, adding the black takes this to a whole new dimension. The bright yellow lamps on the dark black sidetables with black framed mirrors - perfection.

This room is mostly light gray (safe) and they've added the yellow with just a couple pillows.  I love the graphic texture they add with the wallpaper and the stripes.

Can you spot it in this room?  VERY subtle - the yellow is only in the recesses (and the lights) and the gray is only in the pillows - again, they've added a nice black/white graphic print.  This is for those who just want a neutral space or that are not too sure but maybe want to give it a try.

This room is a little more daring with a yellow wall, but it's such a light, creamy color that it still reads as a neutral.

For those who are a little more bold - why not paint the wall a bolder yellow?  The gray is brought in with the pillows and it's a very cool color - almost blue.  Maybe it is blue now that I'm looking....ehh, who cares.

This couple went all out with the colors in their bedroom.

Love love love love love love love this bright yellow barn door!!!

This room is yellow paired with warm gray. 

This Park Avenue apartment is stunning to me - it reminds me of the first bedroom picture - gray, bold yellow, and a graphic black and white to take it up a notch.  BAM!

Target has some great comforters right now w/ these colors:

And West Elm carries this Andalusia Rug that would be perfect for getting this color scheme started! 
Love this rug!!

Hope you're having a sunny day!

~ the Brunette


  1. I always wanted a barn door in the middle of my house!

  2. isn't that awesome?!? Have you found your wedding dress yet?