Tuesday, March 9, 2010

the suzani: ethnic eclectic embroidery

Suzanis deliver a strong punch, and they work in all settings giving an eclectic layer to any space.

 Using a bright suzani with the iron bed gives this room a very boho vibe without being completely over the top.

Then the look is completely different when paired with this crisp bedding and funky headboard...very metro. 

This gorgeous fabric is great in small doses too...

How awesome are these canisters/vases?  If anyone sees these anywhere please let me know:) 

If you want to step it up a notch...look at these chairs! 
I'm in love with these bold wing backs on that white wall.

But this is my favorite suzani chair...I love the colors and I want it immediately.

Two other great options...

We are both huge fans of the suzani, but prefer the fabric in completely different ways.
The brunette loves this one!

The blonde's top suzani pick.  This room is one of my absolute favorites!  I love the framed suzani and the color palette...I would live here in a second.
If you are wanting this look then try Dillard's.  They have a beautiful Suzani bedroom collection.  You don't need the entire collection...just try to work a piece or two into your room.  The brunette and I have both picked up the oblong pillow to take home, but neither of us have actually made the purchase yet!  Target has one too, but I'm no very crazy about the colors.

~the blonde

{images from Litte Green Notebook, Domino magazine, Lindsey Harper, unknown, unknown, Design Sponge, all others unknown}


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