Tuesday, March 23, 2010

diving into spring

While some are off enjoying Spring Break this week - I have to settle for sitting in an office dreaming of the beach.  Not that I'm ready to bare all and brave swimsuit season just yet - but if nothing else, this bikini round-up helps kick-start that motivation because bikini season will be here before I know it!

For the girl who likes to keep it simple with solids:
Simple, classic shape bikini from Victoria's Secret - available in any cut or color you can dream of.
Now if we could all just look like Marisa in it...

For the girl who likes to embellish - just a little:
Notice the little panthers on each side - such a cool embellishment.  I have this bikini in black but jade is so hot this season I wish I had this color!

For the girl who likes to colorblock:

For the girl who likes a little tribal beading:

I love this bikini - understated beading - looks classic w/ some great detail.

For the girl who needs a miracle:
Miracle Bra bikinis have come a looooong way.

For the girl who is grooooovy baby:

For the girl who is a rockstar:
Not too sure about these tan lines...

For the flower child...

For the girl who is a little more modest:

I really like the one-strap swimsuit styles that have started showing up this year - one piece and two piece.

For the girls who are undecided:

a tankini that actually looks decent...
or I don't know what this is, but was intrigued...saw it in Dillard's and it's very unique -
worth trying on for sure!

For the girl with tickets to Europe and a great plastic surgeon...

(images via Victoria's Secret and Dillard's)

Whatever swimwear you decide to go with this year - just make sure you feel GREAT in it!

~ the Brunette


  1. Justin is in love with the 'rockstar' suit. I have not worn a one piece in AGES. I do like the one you found at Dillards...
    PS I LOVE the topless one from VS... LOVE LOVE LOVE( I almost bought it... withthe top it comes with!)

  2. I;m dying to go try on the Dillards' one! I think it's too cute.