Sunday, March 7, 2010

Third Time's Charm? over it!

For the Oscars, I wanted to wear this beautiful red dress...

Oh gee, I can't show it to you because Google Mail has chosen right NOW to be down.  Just picture a really pretty red dress...with pockets...can it get any better???
but even if I could show you the picture, I can't remember the designer so I can't wear it anyway if I can't name the designer....

so I switched to this dress...another one that I somehow can't remember the designer either.... of course it's ruled out also...

Begrudgingly I'm settling for this beautiful, stunning, eye-catcher by Monique Lhullier.

And if I had more time I would throw some fabulous jewelry on with it and it would be just fine, but I'm just glad this is make-believe because if it were real-life I would be having a First Class MELTDOWN right now!!

~ the Brunette

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  1. I love the cowel neck!! And the hair! Its like barbie!