Thursday, March 25, 2010

please don't take our sunshine away

Other than some freak snow in Arkansas last Sunday, we've had beautiful spring weather - perfect for sipping on a patio and catching a little sun on the skin...


The blonde is throwing an outdoor wedding shower tonight and really needs cooperative weather!  The radar of Arkansas right now: 

Not looking too good.  But despite all this green and occasional thunder - I swear I see a little sun poking through the clouds!  We're so hopeful this will hold off!  If not, we could always hang these...

Meanwhile, the brunette is sick, and planning to pop over to the party, help with some preparations,
maybe snag a 'smore or two and head back to bed!

Between sickness and party scrambling this is all we have to offer today:)
much love,
the blonde and the brunette

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