Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pants on the Ground, Hats on the Wall

Hats on the Wall, Hats on the Wall, Lookin Pretty Cool with your Hats on the Wall!

(hopefully everyone has heard "Pants on the Ground" and you know where I'm going w/ that) 
yes, I know that was never funny in the first place...

Hats on the wall, shelf, wherever - I'm a little surprised that I'm so drawn to this collection but they are all so pretty to me and just have that relaxed, beachy feel!  I don't collect straw hats, but I may dig some up to throw on the walls this summer!

Or you can always just wear your straw hat!

Have a great Thursday everyone - soooo jealous of everyone who gets to pack for Spring Break tonight!

~ the Brunette

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