Wednesday, March 24, 2010

your inner animal

I'm a girl with a weakness for animal prints.  You have to be careful when wearing or decorating with these prints because they can quickly turn from chic to tacky, but when used properly, I just love them!  Okay, so today is all about the leopard print...zebra prints is an entire different post:)  I think everyone knows that when it comes to leopard prints a little goes a long way.

I love everything about this room, and I think that one little leopard pillow really works!

Another perfect fit...a touch of the unexpected!

 I've been noticing a lot of leopard with white lately.  I like this because it's not as in your face as leopard paired with black. 
I seriously love these white chairs with leopard seats! I really want to do this somewhere in my house.

Wearing leopard prints can be just as awesome as these chairs.  I wore the oh-so-popular leopard faux fur coat this winter, but now that it's spring I'm wanting to accent with shoes!  Leopard shoes are everywhere and in every style.

I'm madly in love with these...I think they are delicious, but they are also completely out of my reach. 
Just thought I'd give you something to drool over.
These on the other hand are a little more suitable for my budget!

This is exactly how I would wear it!
~the blonde


  1. UMMM I would totally wear this outfit!! I must have those shoes!! (of course they would be worn post-pregnancy unless I'm feeling spunky one day)

  2. Aren't the shoes awesome! Thanks for reading, Ms. ya!