Wednesday, March 3, 2010

{design crush}: Nicole Hollis

Do you ever see pictures of a room that make you want to go home, immediately, throw away everything you own and start fresh?

The portfolio of San Francisco-based designer Nicole Hollis makes me want to do just that - throw my bohemian lamps and pillows in the garbage, paint my walls white and just start over with a clean slate!

But here is my favorite part about this minimalist designer that sets her so tremendously apart from others:


Not to go all lumberjack on you, but there's something about wood that warms up any space and she uses it so beautifully to take her fresh, clean style and make it livable.

And her commercial spaces - all I can say is I would definitely shop here:

And I would definitely sip here:

All images via Nicole Hollis

~ the Brunette


  1. So we are renting this house which is huge and the kitchen is amazingBUT it has bright BLUE carpet in the master bedroom. I want to just tear it out everyday - maybe there is amazing wood floors under that terrible blue.

  2. RE: Nicole Richie
    She can totally pull off blonde or Brunette!:)