Wednesday, March 17, 2010

st. paddy's day

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! 
In honor of the holiday we're all about green today!

Love this green's a commitment,  but if you are brave enough to go for it then do it!

The infamous green trellis wallpapered hall.  Who wouldn't want to come home to that everyday?
and matching bike - too cute!

If a predominantly green room is not for you, green also works great as an accent color.
(I spy a set of foo dogs)

The brunette is more than a little obsessed with this gorgeous, tufted green velvet bed.  So luxurious!

Love the way this room mixes so many styles and somehow it works...the rustic cabinet with the regal dining chairs, the crystal chandelier with the wooden duck?!?

Love the use of green outdoors up what's already there:)

Nobody does it bolder or better than Kelly Wearstler - would kill to hang out in any of her dramatic green spaces in the Viceroy Hotel.

Don't you want to lounge on that sofa in a black dress with red lips and a martini glass!
Have you ever seen plain tile look so swanky?  Or a public bathroom for that matter?!

(okay so this one is more jade than green)

Spotted this gorgeous chair at - you won't believe this - TJ Maxx/Home Goods!! 
Oh what I wouldn't give for it...

 Speaking of green...the blonde loves this little green sun dress from F21.

This is a version of what the brunette plans to wear this evening while celebrating...

The blonde got to wear one of her favorite green dresses this past weekend...the pics do not do the dree justice:)

Hope everyone has tons of fun tonight celebrating!
~the blonde & the brunette

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