Friday, April 30, 2010

I.C.E. Outfit

Does anyone remember a couple years ago when everyone said to put your "In Case of Emergency" contact in your phone under "ICE"? 
I actually did that, and then got annoyed that if I wanted to call my mom, she wasn't listed as "Mom" but as "ICE".  So I cancelled that idea and just decided if the paramedic was too dumb to look up "Mom" or "Dad" I was probably a lost cause anyway. 

Tonight we're having major storms in Arkansas.  MAJOR.  I went to dinner with some friends and tornado sirens went off the entire time. 

I've made it home safely, but as I got inside my house, had the thought "Should I put on my best outfit?"  You know - just in case a tornado were to take out my house, I would still have my favorite outfit.

I decided that was just silly.  But I still don't want to be caught in a nightgown if a tornado hits.  So I've decided instead to wear my favorite clothing - not my best outfit. 

If a tornado hits tonight, here's what I'm wearing:

My favorite nightgshirt from Victoria's Secret:
(similar to this but gray and with POCKETS!)

My favorite yoga pants from Old Navy:
(because you can't get caught in a tornado with no pants on)

And my favorite hoodie from Castor & Pollux:

Yes, I look like a crazy mess, but I'm prepared!!

Now if it comes down to choosing my favorite shoes I'm in major trouble!!

Hope everyone is having a safe, cozy Friday night!

~ the Brunette

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  1. OMG be careful! how exciting!