Thursday, April 1, 2010

we're having a party...

Welcome to our garden party...come in and have a look!
H&M, J Crew and BCBG all released their spring look books, and they all have a garden/floral theme. The stores are filled with small and large scale floral prints, but personally I think the best way to wear this trend is to go big!  I'm loving the larger prints...I think it makes it more now and less sweet. 

J Crew's adorable cover...pure perfection!

J Crew offers tons of cute floral prints, but my favorite is this one.  Obviously, you can get this print in any form.  I love all three of these items, but I'm really crazy about the shorts.  The skirt would also be a nice work's office appropriate and fun!
Even if you aren't a "floral person" I still don't understand how anyone could resist the H&M garden summery, so perfect, so inexpensive - what's not to love?
(yes, I know I've already posted the dress on the right, but I'm deeply in love with it)

BCBG has the large scale thing down...
I adore the first dress and have a wedding coming up that I think it would be perfect for!  The colors are so beautiful in person.  Don't the next two scream Betty em...especially that black belt on the pink!

Cute florals are truly everywhere...
(Forever21, Forever21, The Limited)

Okay, now that you know what you're wearing it's time to enjoy the party!

~the blonde

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