Friday, August 27, 2010

detailed decorating

I believe in the details.  Whether you are styling an outfit or a home the accessories will make or break it.  I love walking in a home (of flipping through a magazine) and seeing how someone has personalized their space.  To me, this is achieved with the styling of your tables and shelves.  I will admit that I have studied these pictures way too many times and reference them constantly to find inspiration for my own home. 

So here are a few of my absolute favorite table vignettes and shelf styles!

Perfect little end tables...

love it...I spy a baby foo dog

I'm really into the eclectic look of these bottles with that print,

but typically I like a console table styled with a little symmetry...

two lamps and two stools...always a recipe for success!

A very nice table top...

and another.  I know I've shown this one before, but I just can't help...I absolutely love it!

Isn't this too this little shelf!

On a larger scale...styled to perfection!

I really do draw so much inspiration from each one of these pictures. 
As you can probably tell from these images I'm not one for simplicity:)  I like excessive accessories for myself and my's just more fun that way!
 Happy weekend!
~the blonde

(I apologize for not remembering the sources of these pictures...please let me know if you recognize something)
(Nate Berkus, unknown, unknown, Angie Hranowsky, The Newlywed Diaries blog, Lindsey Harper, unknown, unknown)

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