Friday, August 13, 2010

loop, swoop and pull

I know that every style comes back around, but seriously I didn't think this one would...extra long brown belts looped/tied in that funny way.  I really can't believe this look is back, but you have to admit these girls somehow pull it off!

Several designers ushered in this trend during their Fall 2010 runway shows.  Almost every look that D&G sent down the runway was belted this way...take a look here.

(D&G, Marc Jacobs, J.Crew)

And after that we started seeing it in a Zara ad...

and on super stylish city girls!

I think the most interesting aspect of this trend is the pairing of these casual brown belts with very sophisticated dresses.

(J.Crew, MaxMara, Salvatore Ferragmo)

If you are a little scared of venturing back to this 90s belt style then you can always follow in the footsteps of these ladies and just pair a more rugged brown belt with a softer dress...doesn't this scream laid-back-lady-cool?!?  (no, there's no such things as laid-back-lady-cool, but I still like it)

And if Sienna is doing it then shouldn't we all?!?

This is one of those trends that is so easy to follow because all you need is a belt and there are tons of great option everywhere, but check your own closet first...seriously!  Also, America Eagle has a bunch of worn in cute belts at a great price!

I think we all should try this look this weekend!
~the blonde and the brunette

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