Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Innie or Outie??

Earlier this week, I was invited to participate in a historic event - this month, the International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers is holding thirty-eight "Think Tanks" all over the world for the first time ever, and I was greatly honored (and overwhelmed) to be one of 16 people in this region to join this roundtable discussion. 

I was among architects, designers, retailers, magazine editors, architectural historians - seriously smart and accomplished people - and then there was me.  :o)

One question I particularly enjoyed discussing (not answering), was this:

"By the 20th century, human activity has shifted largely to the indoors.  Has this shift been reflected in a similar shift in the nature of interior architecture/desgin education?  If so, how?  If not, why not?"

What do you think??

My opinion is that yes, it has.  Here are some ways I was taught to achieve "bringing the outdoors in":

An open space plan...
Light colors also reflect light...

Picture windows...who wouldn't love waking up to this?
Or it could be a little creepy - not sure  ;o)

These glass doors with beautiful transoms are so incredible - I would love this kitchen!

Clerestory windows or skylights provide soft light throughout...

If you're really lucky, a conservatory or sunroom is a great way to feel outside, without being outside!  Very nice in Arkansas where mosquitoes abound during warm months!

I love this modern version of a sliding glass door.  The option to literally be inside and outside at the same time is so versatile!  And look at this open space plan - you can see through several rooms, and even see views through them!

A garage door in a living room - this is a very modern/industrial trend.  It's not my personal taste, but again, I love the option to be outside and inside at the same time!

What I kept thinking about the questions was:
"Why are we trying to bring the outdoors in?  Why don't we try to shift people back outside?"

My first thought: "Why didn't we invite a landscape architect to this thing?"
After thinking about it: "Designers can help with this shift by bringing the INdoors - OUTdoors"

And I think there are several who are doing just that!  There is definitely a trend of designing "indoor" spaces that are actually outdoors.

The blonde and I are both huge fans of the outdoor shower. 

Even the design of outdoor furniture has become so much more comfortable and inviting...

This could never ever in a million years happen in Arkansas because of the bugs, but how dreamy is this??

Which do you prefer - bringing the outdoors in, or the indoors out??

~ the brunette

(photos via: unknown, desire to inspire, apartment therapy, thatkindofwoman, thatkindofwoman, from greenwich with love, thebrickhouse, unknown, thatkindofwoman, bradbourne farm, lanalou, the selby, the lil bee) 

Speaking of bringing the outdoors in, in response to yesterday's post on banana leaf wallpaper, one of our lovely readers emailed this cool picture of her bathroom!  This is no wallpaper job - she had a local artist handpaint this motif!  How cool!  Thanks so much for sharing!!

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  1. oh I would live in any one of these houses! (except the modern one.) Justin always say that I would live in a glass house if I could!:)But I love your idea of bringing the indoors out! I just love summer and would be outside 24/7 if I could.
    Ps I once took a yoga class in an open air studio in Mexico. I almost died it was so inspirational. (I know wanting to die is not the purpose of yoga but you get my drift!:) )