Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Zoe is Back!

So excited about the return of Rachel Zoe Project tonight! 

The brunette is a little sad that Taylor will be absent this season, but we are both super excited to see who gets dressed in what!  With Brad taking over Taylor's position, who can we expect to see fill his shoes??

RZ is known for her styles - flowy caftans, vintage dresses (70s era), fur vests, fur coats, fur anything, large black shades at all times, layers and layers of jewelry!

Whether in jeans...

Animal print...

Or fur...

We love this lady's style!  She nailed it at this year's Met Gala at Marc Jacobs!

So as a tribute of sorts, we pretended to be stylists to the stylist and dress Ms. Zoe...

The blonde has put her in skinny jeans and over-the-knee boots with an amazing jacket and signature shades!  Love the Starbucks!!

The brunette has put her in wide leg jeans with layers upon layers of jewelry and an oversized black hat!

The blonde nailed it with this caftan look in my opinion...

For a dress, I found a vintage DVF dress from the 70's, but dressed down the sequins with knee boots and a knit hat.  Only this lady can get away with wearing sequins on a daily basis, am I right??

To link to any of our polyvores and find the source/price of items, click this link.
Have fun tonight watching this completely over-the-top fashion spectacle.

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  1. I will get knee high boots this year! I am on a mission. I am SO BUMMED that we don't have brovo.