Tuesday, August 31, 2010

So I'm super excited because today at 11:30 I am meeting with a landscaper to discuss my front yard!  We bought our home two years ago and have been making improvements since, but the poor yard has gotten zero attention.  This is the day we bought it...

It's very traditional and I think the front yard should be as well.  Our house faces west so we need landscaping that can withstand the boiling afternoon summer sun.   Here's another shot...

I really do not have any ideas or requirements so I can't wait to see what he suggests!

If this was my forever home I would so extend my little stoop into something like this...

but it's not so I have to concentrate on making smaller improvements:)  I plan on taking the storm door off and painting the door a lighter color.  Bryn Alexandra posted this exterior makover on her blog...

and after...doesn't it looks great without the storm door and new light fixtures?!?

Speaking of new light fixtures...I'm thinking these...long and skinny shoulf fit the space nicely.  I'm taking pictures to show the landscaper.

And since we are talking about exteriors...I think this is the cutest house...love it!

Wish me luck!
~the blonde


  1. I have always wanted my house to look like that pic from One Kings Lane - love it!! Good Luck!

  2. Isn't that photo awesome...I'll take the porch, the plants and the dog:)