Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Stealing Boyfriends' (shoes)

I'm a heel girl. 

Every day, I wear heels.  Nobody understands this because I'm easily 5'9" flat-footed.  Besides making your legs look longer and stronger, and making you stand up straighter, they also make your foot look shorter, which is great for my size 9 feet!

To take this a step further, I highly dislike flats.  They rub the back of my feet and make the bottom of my entire foot just HURT.  And my feet look like clown feet!

So I'm a bit torn on this oxford trend that started developing in the spring, and into the summer (although it's too hot in my opinion) - and I'm sure will explode this fall.

I love this style, it is so cool and casual and has that really great vintage feel.

A few of my favorite styles for sale right now...


every girls needs a pair of red shoes...

I know this is technically cheating, but I for sure want to try these "heeled" oxfords..

Free People also has some cute styles...

these are the ones I would try - just a simple nude color

although I really love the two-toned also!

Besides oxfords, "boyfriend shoes" as Free People has named this trend, are popping up in the form of loafers and boat shoes as well...

the blonde is considering this pair....

I like the worn-in look of these boat shoes.  :o)

I'm still undecided if I can personally pull these off without feeling like my feet look too long, but I for sure want to get a pair and try it out!

~ the Brunette

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  1. My first summer job paycheck was spent on a pair of red and white patent Oxfords that were all the rage - that would have been in about 1967. Of course I grew up wearing black and white saddle-oxfords that had to be constantly polished to look neat! And these patent leather Oxfords required no polish! It is fun to see them coming back into fashion. Next will probably be penny loafers!